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Maplelea Girls, Dolls for Canadians


Ever heard of Maplelea Girls? For a couple years now I watched the American Girl doll line boom with popularity. Not only a chance to have and love a doll that is just like the kids, but it’s also pride in history and heritage. And I get it, when given the chance to choose between a number of dolls, my girls would most like pick one that looked or dressed as they do.

Allow me to introduce Maplelea Girls, the Canadian counterpart of the same principle. The collection of dolls represent keys areas from Canada’s coast to coast. Like the region they represent, their looks, clothes and hair compliments that heritage.

My girls were thrilled to get their own Maplelea Doll, Taryn from Banff. She is a soft-bodied 18″ doll with poseable limbs and eyes that close when laid down. Her hair is long and straight, perfect for brushing {which the girls could literally do}. She’s dressed in a turtleneck sweater, khaki skirt, striped tights and adorable blue boots.

If you’ve never been to Banff {which is basically my backyard}, you’ll know that this attire is perfect for days walking main street to hiking the mountain paths. Compared to the jazz and glitter that adorns most of their other dolls, my girls love that these are REAL lifelike clothes. I even think they used to own a pair of tights just like Taryn’s.

I love watching the girls play with Taryn, it’s very different than the other dolls they play with, even when they play with each other. Instead of going to princess balls, they are taking Taryn to the mall, for a walk and even to play at the park. I like seeing this change in imaginary play, since it’s so natural.

Maplelea Girls Dolls come with a 64-page journal with the doll’s story and lots of question and answer pages for a young girl to document her own story. My oldest daughter suggested the twins use this journal the next time we go to Banff {cause you know Taryn is coming too}. Yet, at 4 the twins are a little young for the journal, so I have it tucked away for use when they can write.

Maplelea Girls are $99 each and are available only from the Maplelea website. There is also a full line of outfits, accessories, furniture and pets. I mean, how sweet and patriotic are these outfits and toboggan? I predict some Maplelea accessories being gifted this Christmas!

2012 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

One of my Canadian readers is going to get their choice of any Original Maplelea Doll!

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I really like Saila. I like her expression on her face. It’s very warm and would be inviting to a young girl.

  2. I can just see my granddaughter, Breanna’s eye light up with a lovely doll like this!!

  3. This is such a better choice than other dolls out there that do not promote the correct body image! I absolutely love them:)

  4. I live close to where they are located – I actually purchased some Anne of Green Gables dolls from there years ago. 🙂

  5. victoria would love leonie, then we would be able to get a whole lot of outfits for her!

  6. I would chose Leonie as my daughter just loves fashion and the doll is wearing the cutest boots.

  7. Alexi is adorable and I love her dark hair (so many dolls are blonde it seems). Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I would choose Leonie because she is soo beautiful,and has blonde hair like my neice,, They are all beautiful!!

  9. I would give the Jenna doll to my daughter! The straight red hair is just like hers!

  10. I’d pick Leonie. My daughter is in French Immersion so she would like that Leonie speaks French,

  11. Taryn in the Wild Rose outfit is too cute for words! And being from Calgary I love how Taryn’s story will be relateable for my daughter as we love the outdoors!

  12. I’m definitely going to surprise the family with your shepherds pie sloppy joe style recipe looks delish!

  13. I would choose Taryn, We live close to Banff, and I live right next to the Rocky Mountains so my girls would totally relate to her!

  14. Jenna looks like a real little Canadian girl. The real girl (Jennifer) lives dowte street, and Jenna looks just like her. If I win, I will give the doll to Jennifer

  15. i would probably choose Taryn as it most resembles the little girl who would be receiving it.

  16. My older girls truly cherished their Maplelea dolls when they were younger… and now as teenagers I still
    find them hiding behind their beds playing with their dolls. I have an 7 year old who has discovered her
    love of dolls, so I know if we will this doll… she too will cherish it in the years to come. She would love
    any doll!

  17. They are so cute, they remind me of the first Canadian Edition, 1960s Mattel Chatty Cathy dolls..:-) Very similiar kinda face and hair..:-) IF I had to pick one, I think I would pick Taryn but would love to have them all to collect and to gift to sweet girls i know..:tyvm for the chance to own one of these great new Canadian Dolls !!! WOW !

  18. They are all beautiful! I think my daughter would like Taryn best because she looks like her 🙂

  19. I think I would choose Taryn, because she is most like my niece. (Who I would give this too) This dolls are so expensive, my niece would love one, but her mom is a university student raising 2 children, so money isn’t really something that is available to them for frivolous purchases.

  20. I am loving having these dolls. After all this time. My family is deeply entwined in canadian history. My grandfather moved up north to live with the First Nations in the late sixties for two years to make a documentary now owned by the canadian archives.

  21. If I won I would want Taryn because I think she is very pretty.Oh and if I win then I will give the doll to a nice homeless girl for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Taryn because the hair colouring is similar to my neice and that is who I would give it to if I won

  23. I would choose one of the Maplea Friends…I only wish they had one with Shirley Temple hair because that is the type of hair my daughter had as a toddler.

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