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Fisher-Price Canada Launches First Ever “Bundles of Joy” Campaign


This New Years Eve baby {me!} wants to know if any of my readers are expecting a sweet little bundle ‘around’ the new year?! If someone you know is going to welcome a new baby, quite possibly on Jan 1st, 2013 – you’ll want to tell them about this!

Fisher-Price has just introduced a fun new campaign to celebrate those first babies of the New Year, all across Canada. After all, the company is all about the joy and embracing the best job in the world, parenting!

The first Canadian babies born in 2013 will receive a ton of age-specific toys and other items from Fisher-Price, and for the child’s first five birthdays!

The arrival of a new baby is always exciting news, but the first baby of the year is an extra special occasion,” said Riza Javellana, Senior Marketing Manager, Fisher-Price Canada. “We know that new parents can be over-tired and over-whelmed but we also know how over-joyed they are and we want to help them celebrate. The ‘Bundles of Joy’ program allows us this opportunity. We are thrilled to have a number of hospitals across Canada already on board for our inaugural year and hope to partner with more as the years go on so we can celebrate the many more New Year’s babies still to come.”

Participating new families from hospitals across Canada will receive a marvelous bundle of gifts from Fisher-Price including Fisher-Price Baby Gear, toys and products suited to the child’s first year of learning and development needs.

Furthermore, families of the first ‘Bundles of Joy’ of 2013 can opt-in to receive a yearly gift of age-specific toys and products from Fisher-Price for their next four birthdays.

“No matter what the age, children look up to their parents as their inspiring partner who will play with them in the moment and stay engaged while they assert their joyful independence,” continued Javellana. “We are proud that we can offer the tools, toys and resources for such a wonderful experience from the first day of a child’s life and on.”

For more information on the Fisher-Price “Bundles of Joy” program or how your local hospital can participate please contact Bernice Couto at bernice.couto{@}gcicanada{dot}com. For more information on Fisher Price products and toys, visit


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  1. I’m passing this along to friends expecting around then – thanks for letting us know about the the Fisher-Price “Bundles of Joy” program! 🙂

  2. That is really cool that they do this. It would really stink to be the kid born 5 seconds after cut off, haha!


    1. True, but it’s with anything right?
      I wasn’t even close to being a New Years Baby, but I’m asked all the time!! lol

  3. Awe, everything about this video and this campaign makes me smile. Our precious little ones grow up way to quickly…this is a reminder to really enjoy every moment. Thanks for sharing this campaign Tammi!

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