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Payless “Mom’s Advantage” Program

I was recently asked if I wanted to visit my closest Payless ShoeSource store and experience the “Mom’s Advantage” program. Why not, right? Myself and my 3 girls are a *little* shoe obsessed and it’s been a couple months since I had a look at the inventory offered at the store.

Yet, this was also a good excuse to speak with staff, ask questions and learn a little more about a store that we shop at regularly.

Moms Advantage Program Payless

Yet, I learned A TON on this trip, a few things I wasn’t expecting to.

First, if you haven’t heard about the “Mom’s Advantage” program, it’s hassle-free shopping. Meaning they really cater to parents and go that extra mile to make it a friendly and quality shopping trip.
Moms Advantage Program Payless

The first thing they do is measure kids feet with a Brannock device for an accurate, healthy fit. This is where my ‘eye-opening’ experience comes into play. I had measure my girls’ feet a couple months ago yet had just purchased them all new shoes about a month ago. Ya, all 3 girls’ feet had grown in that month, it’s no wonder they are already complaining about the fit of their school shoes.

Accurate Kids Fit Payless

Turns out I had the girls in shoes that were almost a full size too small for them. Yikes! So here’s my first tip to you: measure your kids’ feet each and every time you walk into that shoe store, especially before you make that purchase!

After getting the correct size for the girls, we browsed the sections suited to them. I noticed a lot of new styles since my last trip. Interesting to know, they actually get fresh stock in twice a week! There were plenty of sandals on clearance {winter escapes to the sun, anyone?}, party shoes, running shoes, fashion boots and Winter boots – the choices were endless!

Payless Selection Kids Shoes

Affordable, Yes, please! I seen top brands like American Eagle, Airwalk and really popular styles in the Shake It Up line {from the hit TV show for tweens and teens}. Others like Champion and SmartFit offered an affordable price, starting at just $12 a pair! And that’s not for off-season styles either!

The girls tried on many pairs of shoes {all in the correct size, I’ll never forget this one. Ugh!}. Yet they all leaned toward pairs of leather fashion boots. I’ve always wanted this style for them, yet their poor little chubby calves didn’t seem to fit in this style, ever. ALAS, Payless offers these styles that will fit, YAY! That was a first, so I loved the idea of getting them all such stylish boots for the Fall. And, they are all perfectly sized for each, might I add.

Don’t mind Katie, she smells shoes before she considers taking them home. Really. She claimed they smelled good, so I guess that’s a good thing…?! See, this is why I always ran in and out of shoe stores. Yet, I guess then I always missed priceless photo opportunities like this one.

Important to note is that my oldests feet have grown a lot over the Summer, now fitting a youth size 3.5. WOW! This means she can technically fit a ladies size 5.5. Again, WOW! At Payless, some styles come in extended sizing – as high as youth size 6 {equivalent to women’s size 8 and men’s size 6}. That’s important because lots of kids have adult-size feet, but moms {like myself} don’t want to pay adult pricing. Thank you Payless!

Payless BOGO Event

During our trip there was a BOGO promotion on, they really do have them frequently actually. That way you can get a second at 50% off, which is nice for this Mom of 3. I rarely buy just one item when shopping. Plus, BOGO applies on anything in store, not just shoes!

Purses Bags Payless

They also have a full selection of jewelry, purses and bags, socks, hair bands and clips and a whole lot more. So, I really couldn’t pass up getting the twins a couple touques each {mitts and warm winter tights as well}. At BOGO pricing, it’s a nice way to shop!

Winter Hats Payless

Not only that, they also have a great No-questions asked return policy as part of their program. Meaning, if you have any concerns or problems with the items you bought, bring them in anytime. Payless wants their customers happy, so communicate on your unhappy purchase if you ever have one and they’ll do what they can to fix the situation. Gotta love that, right?

**No-Questions-Asked Return Policy. Payless also has one of the best return policies in the retail industry and will return items for any reason. For shoppers that have a receipt, Payless will gladly exchange the item for another of equal value or refund the purchase price. For those without a receipt, a store credit is given.

It was kinda astonishing to learn a little more about a store that I have been in so many times:

Incredible arrival of stock, massive selection, wonderful customer service, reoccurring promotions and a sweet warranty. Oh, and my kids want to add that they all left with stickers too, they liked that feature of Mom’s Advantage as well.

payless warranty

Usually I have something specific in mind when I shop. Last time I visited Payless, I ran in and quickly chose pairs of party shoes and was out the door before the girls spotted the blinged out belts.

Most importantly I learned that you really should take some time and have a look at everything Payless offers. I’ll bet you find stylish little treasures, just like this sunhat that I plan on going back for, very soon. I have a Caribbean destination calling my name this month, and it’s exactly what I need for the trip. A bag to match at the next BOGO event? Yep, I’d say that’s part of the Mom’s Advantage indeed! 😉


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I have to buy my oldest a new pair of shoes AGAIN. I swear that kid’s feet just keep growing 🙂 I think this time I’ll hit up my local Payless

    1. I know!! One month into school and I need indoor shoes again. I don’t know what I fed the kids, but all their feet grew in just a few weeks. Gah!

  2. My daughter is very rough on her shoes , so we are always buying new ones.. We love payless shoes

    1. Same here, you can’t beat $12.99, right? The soles are nice and comfy too, I’ve had problems with other stores and hard soles…. #parentingproblems

  3. Thank you! I do shop at payless but that was an eye opening review. I will look around more in depth on my next visit!

  4. Good to know! I’m in need of shoes for my fall family photo shoot, guess I’m heading to Payless on Wednesday!

    I didn’t know they carried brand names at an affordable price, I’m happy I read this before I went out and spent 120-200 on boots.

    1. Oh Randa, I didn’t have time to go into detail on the women’s shoes that I saw … I NEED to return! Esp. at BOGO time, weeeee!!!

  5. I haven’t been in a Payless shoe store in six years. Thank you for your review, I will definitely take a trip very soon.

  6. What a great place to take the kids shoe shopping. I like that they measure the kids feet there to get the right size. I also love the 90 day warranty.

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