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Nella Bella, Holiday Collection

Nella Bella – I recall my first experience checking out vegan handbags. It was at a market, and they were so cheap-looking. And smelled. And were just, ‘weird’. {I know, so non-explanatory there, but just go with me}. Since then, I have avoided handbags that weren’t made out of leather or a fabric which I know lasts {audible gasps from the eco-savvy. Sorry. I’m honest}.

Then, I was asked to check out vegan handbags which, from the photos, were really great-looking. And, since first impressions and attractiveness counts when it comes to bags – I put aside my first experience and decided to give the brand a fair chance. Hooray for second chances, right?

The {Canadian} company is Nella Bella, and they specialize in using vegan materials in their designs. I got the Caspia bag in navy from the Nu Moon Collection.

Just one of many bags in the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, it also comes in a full line-up of colors.

Attractive? YES! And would I have ever thought that my Nella Bella handbags was made from vegan materials if someone hadn’t told me? Never!

At first glance I thought it was a smaller bag than I was used to, so I was prepared for this bag to be used only for those occasions when I wasn’t packing much. Wrong.

Open it up and it has so much room {with the added touch of a sassy checkered purple lining}! I took Caspia with me on my recent cruise around the Western Caribbean. Ideal for those fancy dinners on the ship, I could even hold my DSLR and external flash inside, among the other travel necessities.

The outside is super soft, comparable to my favorite feature in leather bags, and there’s 4 additional zippered compartments externally as well. Great for keys, cards and those little items you need on the fly.

Proving that vegan can indeed be arm candy {literally}, Nella Bella changed my opinion entirely. Well played, Nella Bella, well played. 

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. That is so cute! I’m curious to see the proportions of it… did you take any photos of you holding it?

  2. Vegan handbags you would have thought, and wow they are gorgeous. I went to the Nella Bella website to see the choices, so many and they are all so great looking. They are reasonably priced also.

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