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Kids and Dental Care: Lesson Learned


Gah! Kids and Dental Care and the lesson I learned the hard way!

My oldest had ‘perfect’ teeth, as the dentist boasted for years. Then, I got a little slack. I didn’t remind enough, I don’t floss her teeth enough. Then things got a little ugly.

I was scolded on her last visit.

Ok, not yelled at, but made to feel kinda small. She had 2 cavities. And her teeth are so close together that the lack of flossing was more than obvious. Painfully and embarrassingly obvious.

Then came the question I dreaded: “Does she use toothpaste with Flouride?”


How come? Well, she shares a bathroom with her younger sisters, and they shouldn’t have flouride toothpaste as yet. So honestly, to make it more convenient on {gasp} me, they ALL use non-flouride toothpaste. Yes, even though my oldest should be using the flouride-added kind. Yep, This is where things got really embarrassing during my visit. I had to admit to my own laziness. The shame!

This event combined with Halloween approaching, what a perfect time for me to get a Listerine Smart Rinse package delivered to my door. Hmmm, who followed me to the dentist that day? Seriously, it was odd.

But, I was thankful. Very thankful.

I do need to have my daughter brush her teeth twice a day, no question. And flossing? yes, that must be done too. Everyday. Yet, there’s another step I can take to promote dental health and the side result of not having a terrible visit to the dentist.

Insert: Listerine Smart Rinse

Part of the trio that will keep your child’s teeth and mouth healthy, strengthen enamel and prevent childhood cavities. Or in this case, more of them.

Fluoride-based rinse, Listerine Smart Rinse {for ages 6+}, provides 12-hour cavity protection and strengthens teeth 99% better than brushing alone. It acts like a magnet to grab particles left from brushing. In fact, your child spits out the rinse, you can actually see the particles right there in the sink – proof that brushing alone is not enough.

My daughter likes the taste {no swallowing though!}, and always remembers to use her Smart Rinse as a result of it being ‘fun’. It’s good when a kid likes ‘chores’ like this, as it’s bound to be a habit that sticks. To combat the common problem of younger and older siblings sharing a bathroom, I now keep Belle’s Listerine Smart Rinse and her own toothpaste in our ensuite bathroom. I didn’t think it’d happen so soon, but many times a day I share MY bathroom {aka, my refuge} with my daughter. Oh well, it’s for good reason, right?

To keep those teeth their best even with all the sugar-bugs attacking from Halloween, this is one great product to have on hand!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Would love to have this I just had the same trip to the dentist we were scolded as well and my son has to have a tooth pulled December 5th, Dentist gave me some red tabs to test the kids at home.
    I know first hand how this feels!

    1. Oh Elise, I was sitting here with that ‘bad mom’ feeling. Especially since I forgot to floss her teeth tonight … gah, a never-ending battle!!
      Thank you so much for sharing with me and everyone that we are not alone here!

      Super hugs to you woman, you made me feel better. Here’s our pledge to have a better visit to the dentist next time, we can do this together!!!

  2. getting my kids to have good oral hygiene is really one of the be biggest challenges I have each and every day! They are boys, they don’t yet understand why hygiene is important. I think having a rinse might help them WANT to clean their teeth each day. I never really thought about a rinse before.

    1. I didn’t either, but it makes sense! And to see the particles spit out even after brushing – WHOA! That was the real eye-opener for me.

  3. My son hates flossing, but he loves rinsing with the Listerine kids rinse. At least half the battle is already won!

  4. This is a great topic! I try so hard to have my children practices good oral hygiene but it is a challenge for them some days.

  5. Hmmm…I can’t remember if my kids are using toothpaste with fluoride or not. Guess I should check.

    And I know I should be flossing more (them AND me LOL) Guess I better pick up some of the Smart Rinse 🙂

  6. Thanks for the reminder — oral hygeine is so important, and it’s a lesson better learned early rather than late.

  7. I remember being told to use toothpaste without fluoride for my oldest, but when I took my youngest to see the dentist for the first time (at 1.5 years old), the dentist told me to use toothpaste with fluoride for both. Just a teeny tiny dab. I was so confused as to why it was not okay then, but okay now with the fluoride.

    If you a have a floss-resister, try using floss picks. I couldn’t get my fingers into my little ones’ mouth, but the floss picks did the job and they love it.

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