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Flurries ~ Authentic Sheepskin Shoes

Have you heard of Flurries before?

It’s ok to say no, I hadn’t until recently. You’re so lucky to have me make the introduction, right?


Flurries is a Canadian-based company {yay!} with the highest quality authentic sheepskin shoes, boots and accessories. They use the softest, warmest and most pristine Australian sheepskin. Our Canadian design team then draws inspiration from their local environment to come up with fresh, fashionable and timeless styles for you to choose from.

The Flurries lineup includes fuzzy flip-flops, chic western boots and even classy up-town high heeled boots. There’s Flurries for all season and for all wants in a shoe. While the recent snowfall has me lusting after the Flurries for home: slippers for chilly nights spent cuddling in at home. Or, the sheepskin lined boots since I am notorious for super-cold feel in the Winter. All.Winter.Long {which, In Canadian time result in 8-9 months. That’s a long time with cold feet!}.

Yet, mama does have to get out of her woolies from time to time, which is why I’ve been strutting in the Annabelle Noir corduroy flats.

The latest Fall collection to hit the shelves at Flurries is the ‘Fleurs’ line of flats. These foot-friendly stunners come in an array of colours and are perfect for those cozy days that fit snuggly in-between those hot summer Stilettos and warm, wintery Sheepskin Boots.

I have a common problem in flat slip-ons – the backs slip off when I walk! Not no more, as these are countered and are shaped to stay ON that foot. Kind of brilliant! The basic black color make it an everyday/everywhere type of shoe, while the bow adds a little hint of femininity. Yet they have 3 fantastic colors to choose from, all ideal for the Fall season.

flurries flats review giveaway

Remember my remark about not being familiar with Flurries before? After browsing the line of shoes {while drooling on my keyboard}, I headed over to the Flurries Canada Facebook Page, you know, to show them some love. FACE PALM! Celebrities sure are familiar with these flats … sometimes I really do think I live under a rock.

While these shoes won’t be worn as often very soon, they are indeed small enough to slip into that purse for a special evening out. We may have to wear those huge -40 degree boots for months, yet there are ways to sneak in flats over the Winter season too! Long live cute shoes!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. These are super cute and I am in major need of new black flats. All of mine start to smell after a while, guess I should start wearing socks, or does anyone have any suggestions on keeping your flats fresh smelling?

  2. Women’s Gabby or Sally winter boots look ideal for our winter snow storms and I like the Shelly for slushy sidewalks.

    1. Hi Christine, please check out the first mandatory question to answer in your comment, in order to qualify. Thanks!

  3. I have the exact same problem, heel slips off, and to add, I have not found a pair of flats that don’t hurt my bony feet if I walk in them for over 2 hours. The colour is great on the Auburn flats is so fitting for the fall season, would love to give them a try!

  4. Moa – white
    Regular Price:$69.99
    Web Special :$55.99 Kangaroo – pink
    Regular Price:$109.99

  5. Hi! I was just wondering if you could tell me where you got your birth annoucements from? I have been looking all over for twin announcements and haven’t had any luck. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Not really into cowboy boots but the Carmen are some fine looking boots – also like the Gabby – Chestnut

  7. Love the Sally boots! Have been looking for a pair like this in a rich dark chocolate colour, but black would be great too.

  8. I am LOVING the ballerina flats, and it’s a safe bet that my daughter will not be borrowing these from me if I buy them! (I’ll have to do pirouettes at her volleyball practice on that nice smooth gym floor…)

    ; )

  9. The Jessie boot in both black and chestnut caught my eye! Hard to decide between the two colours. Very stylish and very sexy!!

  10. I am in love with the Julieanne, they are so me…guess that’s why my name is on them ,lol

  11. Kylie in black…I looked for the boots shown in your article, as I love them…I think this are the Kylie! 🙂

  12. The winter boots – Jessie and Cockatoo both in black. Stylish and warm = perfection 😀

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