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Brita Water Bottles: Filter Your Own Water and Save Money!

Prefer to drink filtered water? Me too.

Does your preference cause you to puchase many bottles of filtered water especially while on the go? Yep, me too.

Brita now has convenient water bottles that have a built in water filter. There is one adult size and a few kids’ sized bottles with graphics. Here are the features of these bottles:

  • Reduces chlorine taste and odour from tap water
  • Reduces particulates including sediment, sand, rust and grit
  • BPA free and recyclable
  • Dishwasher Safe {top shelf only}
  • Softer side wall for little hands to squeeze, with a loop for carrying

When I use tap water in bottles, everyone notices the difference – especially the kids. While at some attractions and during travel, sometimes the water is horrid and I have to resort to spending a fortune on many bottles of filtered water.

School is coming up and this summer I have gotten into the good habit of using the Brita Bottle and Brita Kids Bottles, and have taken them with us on all our day trips.

Especially when on the go, just refill the bottle with tap water and it’s filtered before it hits the mouth. Using these can really save money, compared to buying so many bottles of filtered water from convenience stores or kiosks at events.

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. We are constantly buying bottled water at home so I would like to try these bottles to save some money and the environment.

  2. I would love the Brita filter water bottles because refilling the bottles at school always makes me nervous I would feel a lot better if the water was filtered.

  3. I am a grandmother of 11, and I am constantly on the go! I take water with me everywhere, and bottled water is expensive on a budget! THIS would be a dream come true!

  4. I would love to win because I have 3 kids going back to school and they can each have a water bottle, and what a better water bottle to have for them that can filter the school water. Way safer!

  5. I have nothing like this, we would love to try them, especially since my kids drink a lot of water!

  6. Excellent product! Haven’t tried the bottles yet but use my filter pitcher all the time. Can’t stand the waste that accumulates through bottled water drinks you buy in the store. They should be outlawed! I take my refillable aluminum bottles everywhere.

  7. I have bought three of these and I keep losing them! I love them and the new colours look great. I probably wouldn’t lose one that isn’t just plain blue. I really don’t mind having to buy them when I think of how wasteful it is to buy water.

  8. I’d love to win these to put in my kid’s school lunches! I’ve got one starting grade one and one starting his first year of University:)

  9. I’d love to win this for my daughter when she starts school. Using this bottle would help her drink clean water even from the school tap.

  10. our tap water is undrinkable so we have to go and buy filtered water elsewhere, these would help us save on money

  11. I’ve always wanted to buy these but never think of it when I’m shopping. Would be a wonderful win!!

  12. Perfect for on the go like you said! And my husband is way picky about water too.

  13. I would love to win this because it seems like we are forever losing water bottles. The kids always want to have a drink when we are out and about, and you’re right, sometimes the water taste is less then favorable.

  14. want to win as it would reduce the buying of bottled water

  15. I would love to win these for my little guy for taking to school! We wouldnt have to use so many bottles of water then!

  16. I’d love these for when my grandkids are over; they could use these when we go down to the beach

  17. I would like this to win for our family because we like to drink water on the go and that it has a filter is even nicer to keep our water purified.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  18. I would like to win these for my daughter who always has water with her everywhere and she buys so many different water bottles.

  19. My daughter and I are always drinking water from Brita Pitcher…these would be great for on the go. Thank you Tammi!

  20. I would love to win so I could send one with my daughter to school each day, great for on the go!

  21. My daughter loves to take water to school and this water bottle would be perfect for that

  22. I would like to win because I use Brita water from my large container in the fridge to fill smaller bottles and this would be so much more convenient. What a great product!

  23. I love the concept of these water bottles – I’ve been meaning to try one out but I am such a cheapo! lol So, winning one would be so great!

  24. Especially when on the go, just refill the bottle with tap water and it’s filtered before it hits the mouth…such a savings from buying bottled water!

  25. We drink water all the time & sometimes tap water outside is not desirable & we end up buying bottle water again.

  26. Stettler’s water is far from par. They did just upgrade the treatment facility but it’s amazing how many people are incredibly sick in this town. The small town theory is the water, who knows if it is. I just know that when I’m second guessing water there is something wrong.

  27. This would be great for our whole family when we travel. I know my kids would love these bottles.

  28. We are lucky to have fantastic water from the tap where we live but I would love to use these bottles for when we travel and the water quality isn’t so great.

  29. I would like to win because I would like to have a water bottle with a built in water filter.

  30. My family and I are trying to reduce, reuse & recycle as well as drink more water. This would be great for us!!! Thanks for the coupon link too!

  31. We basically live off bottled water so this would save on money and would also help the planet.

  32. My TWO little girls and I would LOVE to win These 3 Fantastic Brita Water Bottles!
    We are always on the go, love being outside & Have Never owned a Water Bottle.
    It sure would help limit our use of Packaged Bottles, and encourage us to drink even MORE water!

  33. I would like to win because this would be so convenient to be able to fill up on the run and have filtered water.

  34. This would be great for taking pure, clean water in the car while running errands

  35. really great idea, super for the kids at school and for travelling and for park days and for running around days and for the long long waits at doctors offices. would love to try it out and see!

  36. I like to win because it is a fantastic way to carry water wherever you go and no more water bottles.

  37. I would love to win because the water bottles I am using now are old, leak and are annoying as hell!

  38. My girls fill their bottles with Brita filtered water when they go to school. It would be great for them to have filtered water when they refill their bottles at school.

  39. id love to win cause i hate drinking straight outta the tap i always love to use Brita or something like this would also be perfect!

  40. I just got back to Weight Watches and need to drink a lot of water (since I don’t really) and this would sure be great for work.

  41. I need to drink more water at work, and more often then not there are no cups at the water cooler,,,
    so if I had my own, I could take water and just refil it as needed

  42. I am a huge water drinker and always on the go. this would definitely be better than picking up a bottle of water at the store.

  43. I’d like to win it because my boys could use the bottles in their lunch and I could definitely use one when I go on my jogs.

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