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Go-To Meal for those Days of Chaos


This time of year always means a jam-packed schedule, it seems everyday we are running from one errand or playdate another. From the moment we drop off my oldest at school to the time we pick her up, so lunches are also a rushed time of the day. Usually I make the twins a sandwich at the same time I make my oldests for school, but they are all getting so sick of sandwiches!

Oftentimes I frantically search for alternatives other than settling on fast food and takeout, which is why I’m gratefult for VH Steamers.They are Asian-inspired meals which are ready in less than 5 minutes. Unlike other microwavable meals, these are steamed using DuoTray SteamCooker technology. One tray has the food and the under-tray has the sauce, which you pour over top when done. Delish!

For ease to prepare and great taste, they are ideal to kickstart that boring lunch routine. Or, taken to work and even as a dinner for those busy nights.

Available varieties are in Kung Pao Chicken {my current favorite}, Shanghai Ginger Beef, Honey Sesame Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki, Thai Chicken and Shrimp and Zesty Orange Chicken. Find them in the frozen food section at most grocers, and many times you can get then on sale for $2.99 – that’s a great price!


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  1. I totally love these and actually wash and keep the containers to reuse with my own recipes.

    1. I thought that too, Cherese. Especially when the twins saw what I was eating the other day and I had to share… 🙂

  2. I won a package from them and we have tried a few and I am very picky (worse than a kid) and I really liked them I thought they were delish for a quick fix!

    1. I’m pretty picky with microwavable meals too Doris. To a fault. These and the Healthy Choice Steamers are the best I’ve tried.

  3. I often find that these types of meals have too much sauce. With these I place the main part of the meal in my own bowl and then add the amount of sauce (from the bottom part) that suits me. These are tasty. My favorite is the new Mango Chicken.

    1. That is so right! You can add all the sauce or just a bit, depending on your tastes – good point!

  4. I really enjoy the VH Steamers, I was surprised that I would like them. They are nutritious and quite tasty also. My only complaint is that the portion could be a bit larger other than that I would recommend them also.

  5. I’ve looked at these before and wondered if they were good. These would be good for my husband on nights I’m out having me time. Also I never thought to reuse the containers. Good tip.

  6. We have a bunch of the steamer bowls in the sand box, they make great sitters for the kids. :0)

  7. It’s hard to eat properly when you’re on the go so much, but VH Steamers make it easy (and enjoyable).

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