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Would You Pay To Post On Facebook?

Facebook, the popular social network, has before bragged about never charging for usage. The social network still makes billions, but that was before it went public {and shareholders want more}. Apparently there’s a loophole in their promise and Facebook is currently testing a pilot program that might soon take effect for everyone.

The plan is to charge a fee to highlight posts that we want our group of friends to pay closer attention to. Or, have a ‘posting limit’, charging if you want to post above the limit. This new pilot program and is being tested at various prices, from just a couple of cents up to two dollars each use.

Facebook wouldn’t be the first to use a plan like this. Tumblr already has a pay per use plan in effect. Yet personally, I don’t know anyone that deems Tumblr very popular when it comes to social networks.

My question to you:

Would you pay to post on Facebook? Or, would you close account and rely solely on other networks such as Twitter? Will the day come when ‘Add me on Facebook!” will be term of the past?

Where’s that dislike button when we need it, right?

UPDATE: Facebook Promoting free take effect


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  1. That really does frustrate me. Cause I don’t want to be told what is important like that. You know those “promoted” trends on twitter or people to follow? I don’t follow them. I don’t participate in those hashtags.


  2. It’s not even a debate for me. I’d cancel my account straightaway if FB started charging. It’s only a matter of time before some newer/cooler social network comes into the scene anyway (and it’ll be free) just the way Facebook overtook Myspace.

    1. Agreed, Emily!
      There’s always something new, yet Facebook is so established, it’s just a shame. Hopefully the test pilot stops after the ‘test’ part. Yet, they seem to make so many changes all the time, I’m not surprised they threw this into the loop!

    1. Amen, Shelly! Can you see businesses paying though, to stay on tops?
      Or would the flock of people leaving, leave the site in itself useless?
      After all, it’s the PEOPLE that make social networks, right?

      1. The business will probably cough up the money. I know I have 2 business groups and then my personal FB page and trust me, I won’t be paying for them. Frankly, I am not even happy with the recent upgrades that FB made either! blah!

  3. I can understand that as a business they want to make money but seriously how much money do they want to make they already bought instagram and it is said that the co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is worth billions of dollars so really you have to ask “has greed got the best of them?”. It is sad because a lot of people use Facebook to share with family and friends you don’t see on an every day basis, so for me depending on the price I would probably pay a little to keep it so my family and friends can share in my daily life with the kidlets! Sorry that was a bit of a ramble.

    1. Agreed, Laura.
      What if they charge for posting photos too?
      I really do wish they’d leave things alone, yet a change of hands most times means a change in structure.

      1. I would probably pay as long as the price is low, for me it is really tough because we have family overseas, Canada, and the US so it is nice to share with them. I guess I could use my blog as a daily social media site if needed. Facebook is just so easy how I can post from my phone and iPad, for me convenience does have a price but I wouldn’t pay an outrageous amount

  4. No, I have too many issues with them now. I definitely would not pay. I would close it immediately and probably not miss it at all.

    1. I really haven’t heard one PERSON {not business, mind you} say that they would pay one cent. Hopefully they take this into account and realize it’s the PEOPLE that make a social network and if they all leave, it’s bunk!

  5. Facebook is getting out of control. I get it’s a business and businesses want to make money but…I feel like this is what happened to Myspace. It just gets to be too much.

    1. I agree Lindsay. Take a lesson from previous reactions to change. I think instead they should focus more on their side ads and game apps to generate revenue – without people, there’d be no site!

  6. Nope. Quite often I’ve thought about wanting to quit the Facebook world, as it is so time-consuming and can be quite petty! At the same time however, it makes it so convenient to stay connected with friends and family overseas. However a life without Facebook has many attractive qualities and I think that if they start charging for it, that would be just the push I need to exit the Facebook world!

    1. You make an excellent point. With other networks, do you have a #2 favorite? A particular one that you might switch to, in order to stay in contact with those far away?

      1. No, I don’t think I would. There isn’t a #2 social networking site that is as widespread as Facebook, which would make it a little pointless.

        I think that life without Facebook might make be a better friend though. It would mean I would have to make more effort to keep in touch with people, and would have to make a conscious effort to keep contact going. For example, I would actually have to pick up the phone or write an email in order to communicate, which would be a far better form rather than the random Facebook messages/wall posts/chats that I am ashamedly using as an easy way out at the moment.

  7. I very rarely use Facebook as it is. I find it really strange that some of my friends seem to use it as their major communication method with their kids. Way too much personal info being put out there. I check my friends’ accounts sometimes to see what is new with them since they prefer it to emails now, but my major use for facebook is for entering contests. If I had to pay for it, I would just close out the account and not miss it at all.

  8. Greed.
    I would have no qualms about closing my account. It would be sad since this is where I connect and share with loved ones and friends from all over. I will not pay Facebook a dime.

  9. I agree with Emily Rushton. I wouldn’t pay. So, not only would I save money, but I’d probably have a lot more free time on my hands too. 😉

  10. The idea of having to pay to be prominent “driving force” on Facebook sickens me. Facebook has become a monopoly scenario that we have all seen take a hard nose-dive into the bottomless pit of obscurity in the past when it over-rates itself to the extreme. However, I can’t pretend that Facebook doesn’t drive significant traffic either. Just having to contemplate this change hurts my mind….hehe

  11. I can’t even imagine paying to post on facebook. I think many would leave if that was the case.

  12. MAJOR dislike 🙁

    I would definitely not pay-I signed up with the promise of FREE usage and it’s not fair that they’re sneaking this in even though they’re in the “big time” now by going public.

    I suppose it’s their right to charge for usage, but still, I don’t think it’s ETHICALLY right.

  13. Hi Tammi, I have been thinking about Facebook for a while now. I don’t like the way they follow you on every site you go to and they are not that friendly user for me. Now that I know this, I will probably be canceling before the week end anyway. Thanks for sharing…… Regina

  14. Another of the things that bother me, they are so invasive into our personal things. I give as little info as possible.

    1. Amen! Too many apps and agreeing to those terms in order to view a page – agree and you are giving them access to your page! So tricky, I really do very little on FB with all the extras b/c of that!

  15. Absolutely not! I would not pay for that at all. Perhaps it would make sense for companies if they wanted to get some info out to the public but for the average person, I think they would say no way! I do agree with needing a “dislike button,” particularly for information like this…

  16. it’s gross..I think for the businesses and bloggers it means a lot of hard work down the tubes…or for the small time biz and bloggers anyhow b/c I don’t know about you but I am NOT paying for it. I get a LOT of my traffic via fb so it would be a big loss but I’ve been blogging since ’09 and I haven’t always had fb for I can survive without it.

  17. I will shut down my account for sure! I personally feel that facebook is on it’s way out anyway. It is nothing but a giant advertising machine. I refuse to pay a dime for it, or twitter or tumblr or any other network. We shouldn’t have to pay to be able to socialize with one another!

  18. “promoted” posts are nothing more than ads. I don’t read them, unless the poster is a part of my social network. I would not pay to post on FB. Someone else will come along to usurp them. We have seen many social networks rise and fall.

  19. No, I won’t pay to use facebook. I agree with Tina, ‘promoted posts’ are basically ads. If there is something I really want my family/friends to know, I will email or (gasp) actually speak to them.

  20. I don’t think so. I would be terribly disappointed to see promoted posts on facebook. I feel like the objective of facebook is to connect & communicate, not advertise. I would switch to google+ and twitter only.

  21. I would never pay to post on Facebook. That’s just ridiculous. Facebook got where it is based off of being a FREE social networking site. It would be stupid on their part to make anyone pay anything because even though people are addicted to Facebook, most will drop it and find something else. Which then will give another social networking site a chance to shine.

  22. I would not pay if FB started charging for anything. It’s fun but in the years that I’ve been on FB, I have never benefited financially.

  23. What gets me is that on the signup page it says “Sign Up – It’s free and always will be.”
    So, if they start charging to post, they’ve just BLATANTLY lied. I mean, I know businesses do that all the time, but don’t say it’s free and always will be and then charge for it!

  24. This is all unfortunate, but I can’t say that I am surprised. I think I would try to stay within the non-paying limit. If that didn’t work, I would have to kiss it goodbye. I would hope my photos would speak for me and age old word-of-mouth would be my advertising plan once again.

  25. No way would a pay facebook a cent to post to friends. I think it is so popular because it is free to connect to friends and loved ones. It would be a shame if they started charging!

  26. Hoping that is not the case & it’s just a lot of hot air, but I’m not holding my breath. Unlimited free posting that we have today could very well go the way of unlimited texting & unlimited data plans for our cell phones.

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