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Travel the Globe in Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 ~ Free Online Games


Last year, with the huge welcome of Magnum Ice Cream into Canada, there was also a fun and engaging Pleasure Hunt online game. This free game was really cool, the graphics were like none I’d seen online.

This year Magnum has released Pleasure Hunt 2 that takes the action even further.

The Magnum diva now travels across the Globe as she runs in New York, flies over Paris and surfs the waves of Rio. She travels through a series of different websites {you’ll recognize a lof of them!} in search of the ultimate pleasure – chocolate! Mmmmm.

As the player, you navigate and jump her way to catch the delicious chocolate bites. It really is a fun online game, and as I said, just the graphic alone will ‘wow’ you! Each and every backdrop featured within the game was built from a staggering 6,500 photographs and 3D recreation to ensure that it looks and feels lifelike. And it SO is!

You’re online right now, so take a much-needed break. Try the Pleasure Hunt 2 free online game, and let me know what your high-score is!

Also interesting, here’s a behind the scenes video that shows the making of the game:


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, yet all opinions are my own.



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  1. This game looks really great! But I have a quick question … how can we play? Because that’s 10 minutes that I seek and not find it.
    Is this game in 2012 no longer exists?
    Thank you in advance!

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