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Miracle Mom, Keaton’s Journey

Miracle Mom, I’d like you all to meet Keaton.

Keaton is a boy who has had many surgeries in his 8 years of life; Kidney, appendix and sinus surgeries. As well, he also suffers from chronic back, leg and arm pain, neuropathy, asthma, high blood pressure and severe acid reflux. He had fundoplication surgery to stop the reflux, and has had a g-tube since.

Yet in no way do all the medical terms mentioned above define who Keaton is. Look at that smile! Behind this handsome little face is a story, and though it’s riddled with far too many procedures and angst, it’s a journey of bravery and persistence. For himself and his family.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be sharing more about Keaton and his family. Thanks to his lovely Mom, his journey will be shared and I know it’ll touch hearts around the world.

I’d also like to introducing you to Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. A remarkable hospital that has helped many children, including Keaton.

“The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation is dedicated to enhancing health services for children by raising money to support the Stollery Children’s Hospital and programs that promote health, prevent disease and treat illness and injury. Funding provided by the Foundation supports health services for children through education, research, special services and acquisition of equipment.”

Why am I sharing Keaton’s story and talking with you about Stollery?

I am happy to introduce myself as a #MiracleMoms! I have partnered with a group of loving, passionate, and motivated women eager to tell the stories of families who use, or have used the services of the Children’s Miracle Network/ Children’s Miracle Hospitals. Together, we hope to raise awareness and generate support through social media, to help kids who need little miracles in their lives.

I guess I’m hoping to be a little miracle in a child’s life …. Will you join me in also being a little miracle?

I have made it a personal goal to raise $1000 for the Miracle Moms program. For all the kids who need this help, YOU can be apart of their {healthy} future. All contributions raised through my page will benefit the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, through the Children’s Miracle Network.

I have never asked for monetary support on my blog before, yet I am now. Because it’s important. So please help me reach and hopefully surpass my goal.

I am politely asking you to make a donation, and any donation over $20 will come with a tax receipt. Yet, if donating is just not possible right now, please share my donation page on Facebook, email and/or Twitter. Sharing is caring so please share away. I thank and appreciate all the support!

stollery  donation

To read more about how the Children’s Miracle Network helps other kids, please follow the #MiracleMoms hashtag on Twitter.


Disclaimer: I am part of the MiracleMoms program and receive compensation for my participation in this program. All thoughts and opinions reflected in this post are my own.

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  1. Here’s my donation to kick off the Team Bumblebee CHALLENGE!!!!
    We love the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Thank you for raising awareness for them and all that they do!
    Keaton – you are incredible! I can’t wait to hear everything wonderful about you!

    Good luck Tammi!!!!

  2. What an absolutely fabulous campaign and an even more amazing young man! Being someone who got sick in the middle of my youth, I know what a challenge it can be day to day. It takes a very special and strong willed person to take the negative and turn it into a positive and from the big smile in that picture, I have no doubt he’s doing just that 🙂

  3. I have a son 14 with late chronic autism and lost hope I did not know it was 1 – 56 Wow. That is sad. I do not know how to get the message out but I found someone who identified 8 things that causes Autism and she cures it in all cases in 2-4 weeks time with a promise or it is free. So I with my doubts took the bait and Christian is doing much better 87% total cure I get impatient with Doctors who have cutches and then call them cures. For years I am busy running races for the cure trying to raise money for science to cure something one woman has a upper hand on.My name is Stacey and I found his behavior after 14 years is a learned thing and the hardest thing to cure back to realm of so called normal at 14 years he is now 13% away from behavior issues without any drugs I am so happy I had to share this. If you want to know her she is at 264 different illnesses healing tens of thousands of kids in 10 years I needed to give some hope –

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