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Easter Gift Ideas from Hallmark


Looking for Easter Gift Ideas? Have you checked at Hallmark?

There are many holidays that centre around food and candy, and Easter is one of them. My kids have passed by the Easter displays in stores many times since their introduction a couple months ago. You know the scenario, candy and gift ideas aisles long. Know what I realized though? They ALWAYS head straight for the Easter themed gifts and plush toys. Always. They LOVE their candy and chocolate, don’t get me wrong, just funny that they don’t even take a second glance at all the sweet stuff.

So, when shopping this Easter, I will give them a couple chocolate-items. Yet I know full-well that it’s the gifts and holiday celebration items they like best.

There’s Hallmark for that!

We all know Hallmark for the cards that help us send that bang-on message. Yet, they also have so many gifting ideas, and all in one store. Have you seen the latest Easter gift ideas available at Hallmark stores?

As a #PressPausePanel Ambassador with Hallmark Canada, I was sent many seasonal items to get an idea of all the great things available this year. Really, something for everyone!

My kids are CRAZY about the Squawkin’ Egg-Droppin’ Hen. It’s a plush little hen that bops up and down to a parody of ‘Whoomp! There It Is!’. Yet you also load Easter eggs into her and as she moves, she also lays the eggs! I have shown a number of people the Squawkin’ Egg-Droppin’ Hen and it’s sure to put a smile to the face. Have a peek at the hen in action!

The girls have been playing with it since it’s arrival, and I mean over.and.over.and.over. I can most definitely say we are in the Easter spirit thanks to the hen! Shop before April 8th and the hen is only $15.95 when you purchase 3 Hallmark cards.

I wasn’t surprised that they also fell head over heels for Nugget, one of Hallmark’s newest
Interactive Story Buddies. Nugget repsonds to certain phrases as you read the book, it’s really adorable. It’s also a buddy too, my little Katie has especially taken a liking, he even came grocery shopping with us today. There’s other books that you can get as well, what a great gift for kids!


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