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Online Shopping in Canada, Frustrations and Solutions

Online Shopping in Canada? Buying products and services online can be a very frustrating experience for Canadians. I have been through it many times before. Not only do you have to invest a lot of time in searching online for said items, you then have the problem of getting that product here. Therein lies two huge problems.

Either there is no option to ship the item to Canada {oh so happy I spent all that time searching for nothing!}, or there is astounding shipping fees associated with the purchase. And my all-time favorite frustration? Duty charges! Gah! Countless times I have product in hand {finally}, and then get a bill for customs and duties.

I’m not talking huge high-ticket items either. Once I bought a t-shirt online for the sweet price of $10 plus $5 shipping, which was reasonable. Yet, when Mr. Postman arrived at my door with said shirt, he also requested duty & gov’t charges of $20 before he released said shirt to me. Very quickly that steal of a deal became a major flop. That shirt wasn’t worth $35, that’s for sure!

So, it’s understandable why Canadians oftentimes shy away from online Shopping, it’s not an easy task to take on! Though it’s not an option for myself, many have resorted to getting US-based PO boxes or even regularly cross the border to Shop.

First, tell me about your online Shopping horror stories, I know we all have them.

Second, consider this solution to that frustration – SHOP.CA.

– An authoritative selection of products
– Unparalleled customer service
– Shopping the widest selection of brands
– ONE Shopping cart and ONE check out
– FREE shipping and FREE returns

The Canadian Shopping Revolution which is SHOP.CA is coming this May – where you Buy MORE, Earn MORE.

Covering my own frustrations from above: searching will be easier since it’s all in one place with one cart. No duties, free shipping. And, free returns. It’ll literally be Canada’s largest online Shopping mall.

That about covers it all, the frustrations from Shopping online in Canada will soon disappear. And I can’t be more excited.

Sign up for SHOP.CA right now, before the official launch date.
Why? Well, for three reasons, really…

  • $10 off your first purchase of $100
  • Plus 5x the regular SHOP.CA Rewards for rest of 2012 {that’s 2.5% for every dollar you spend}
  • Be entered to win $500 in Rewards, a Trip to St. Lucia or the Bahamas or a Samsung TV; once you sign up, Connect your Facebook account to your SHOP.CA account to be entered.



I am part of the SHOP.CA Super Shopper program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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  1. Wow I can barely wait for this site to open…I too once made the mistake of buying online from the USA and when I received the item the customs duty put on it didn’t make the item worth my money. So you will be a welcome addition to my online shopping.
    Thanks for letting us all know about it.

    1. Duties have gotten me so many times! That and brokerage, now there’s something I’ll never understand and won’t ever come to terms with. The rate scales are incredible with brokerage!
      Glad to hear you are so excited about SHOP.CA, it’s going to be great!

  2. amen to that, once shipping wasn’t clear and I ended up paying triple what the item was listed at. Ouch! when I asked about a return due to unclear shipping, I would have had to ship back at my expense.
    very happy to learn more about this site, it’s about time we got a break!

  3. Ugh! I’ve run into that duty issue too. I was so very angry – it didn’t seem fair, considering the price I had paid for the item. Negated the deal completely!

  4. Wow, I had no idea y’all had those kinds of online shopping problems! I live part of the year in Ireland, and I have wanted to pull my hair out at those same issues when I’ve tried shopping online here. There are SO MANY products that can’t be shipped here at all, and even a large site like Amazon (UK or US) has its share of drawbacks. My biggest frustration is one you mentioned. After spending lots of time–sometimes hours!–shopping at a site and adding things to my basket, I go to check out…only to find that half the items I was buying weren’t able to be sent to my address. ARGH!! You couldn’t tell me that BEFORE I spent all afternoon on your site?!

    Obviously, won’t be of much help to me, but I will pass on the info to any Canadians I know! 🙂 (And I’ll be hoping somebody will have the same genius idea for Ireland soon!)

    1. Hi Heather.
      I thought us Canadians had it rough, but I see your point about other countries too. Indeed SHOP.CA is huge news for us, hoping you’ll have an alternative soon as well! Also, I’m nodding your head on the ‘only to find that half the items I was buying weren’t able to be sent to my address’, hello Amazon, are you listening?!! I’ve been through that so many times, can’t wait for SHOP.CA to go live!

  5. Here’s a horror story for you 🙂 I am an internet shopping addict … really, I have three kids and there is nowhere decent to shop here so I do the majority of our shopping online, and yes, am often stuck paying outrageous customs charges/taxes etc.

    But last Christmas, I decided to spoil myself and buy a very expensive dress for my boyfriends Christmas party. It was $385AUD which is just about $400. It was an additional flat rate of $65 in shipping charges. OK so this is now almost a $500 dress. Well when it got here, I had to pay an ADDITIONAL $85 to accept it. Fine, I guess (its almost a $600 dress now) I choked that back and tried the dress on – it didn’t fit. Well I was pretty upset because I had told them my measurements and was recommended to order that size – but I had to go a full size up. Well I shipped it back (I can’t remember what I paid to ship it back but it was at least another $40). They promised that I would not have to pay customs again – because I’d already paid and it was an exchange. BUT when my second dress arrived, I ended up having to pay another $85 to accept. So now this $400 dress was (about) $675!! I contacted customs and they said I would be getting a rebate … guess what never showed up?

    It’s a gorgeous dress – really, it’s fabulous and I feel amazing in it – but I was pretty shocked I had to pay so much in shipping charges – especially since I have ordered plenty of things (and even from Australia) and never had another company I had to pay that much with!

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