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BunkiMunki ~ New Website for Tweens

BunkiMunki is a new Website and online world, developed for Tweens ages 7-15. I had a chance to check it this site with my daughter and see what it has to offer. Since she is able to navigate online very well and shows great interest in such sites, I wanted to see what she thought of BunkiMunki, and most importantly, get to know the safety aspect of this site with children.

My daughter immediately dove in with customizing her own avatar, her own BunkiMunki. Being able to personalize their character and adding their own style is key, and it was very easy for her to do, with many options.

Journal is pretty self-explanatory, right? My daughter loves journalling and is now getting the hand of the keyboard, so this feature is a great practice for her. And, it’s so cute for me to see what she’s written. Kids can also Email friends if they have befriended other users {and also send them messages}. Right now she doesn’t have any, yet she has sent invites to a few of her friends and is very excited to get them onto the site to start playing with them. There’s plenty of Games to under the Munki’N Around tab as well.

My daughter is in Guides, so she loves Earning Badges like the Creativity or Friendship by preforming a task and then uploading them to the site. Display those badges on the wall Of Wonderful (WOW), a great way to celebrate the child’s individual achievements. My daughter loves this, as she’s in Girl Guides. In fact,  BunkiMunki is all about “unlocking the power of happiness” through positive thoughts and self-expression.

Not just for fun, journalling and making music etc also earns you Bunki Bucks, the virtual currency At BunkiMunki. Spend the currency at The Emporium, a virtual store! My daughter loves this part since she can buy furnature and accessories for her house, but also get fancy necklaces and clothes for her avatar! Of all the places on the site, I think she spends most of her time shopping!

Parents will have peace of mind, since the site offers maximum security with privacy features, such as a strict no-real/full-names policy and a language filter. The site is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and is certified by Privo, an FTC-approved, neutral third-party service provider.

Not just a virtual world, BunkiMunki also has plus six plush characters and a line of cool fashion accessories that tweens will love to collect. The products come with a Bonus Code that’s redeemable for the virtual currency on the website. Kids can collect and wear the key-style necklaces {that can also clip onto zippers and bags}, and get a code to please their ‘shopping habits’. Isabelle has plans to save up her money to get another Key Necklace.

BunkiMunki is a free site yet the website offers a Premium Membership, allowing kids unlimited access to all social media features, including B-Mail, Chat, Friends and much more. It’s great for tweens to utilize and play online, especially for those too young for Facebook!\

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post yet all opinions are my own.



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  1. OK, that site looks cool! My kids aren’t tweets yet, but I might have to check it out just for me. I love sites like this!

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