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March Break, I’m Un-Planning!

Each year at March Break, I’m always desperately torn. It’s the time that I get very restless, wanting Winter to be over and feeling that need to escape somewhere warm. March break, when the kids don’t have school, really is the ideal time to sneak away for most people. Yet at the same time – everyone does! So, speaking from past experience, I’d almost rather snuggle up to the comforts of home than fight the masses of spring-breakers.

In past years we have opted to enjoy the break close to home and take our long-distance trips during other times of the Spring months. Since the kids are young enough, missing school isn’t that much of an issue. So, why not take advantage while you can!

Kind of like an un-birthday, this year we are going to try to leave planning until last minute. Let’s call it, un-making some March break plans!

If we opt to have a staycation at home: Nice weather? Take in an outdoor activity! If the weather isn’t so pleasant? Movie and PJ days it is! Personally, I’d love to tackle some indoor chores before Spring hits and my attention is diverted outside the home. For example, I’d like to organize the laundry and storage rooms before I lose a kid in there. And, do a little redecorating in a couple of rooms that are starting to look pretty outdated.

Yet like I said, those aren’t plans – they are ideas!

OK, so I’m normally a planner by nature, so deciding to ‘wing it’ doesn’t sit very well with me. Ya, it pretty much drives me nuts.

Maybe the planets will align and we will end up deciding with only a couple days’ notice that we can sneak out of country … well, let the madness begin. Maybe I better put sunscreen, a new novel and a bathing suit on my shopping list now…

Not that I’m planning or anything, right?

What are your Spring Break plans?


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  1. We hardly ever plan a getaway for March Break. I usually end up spending a few days at my parents’. By the way, that photo brings back memories. We took our daughter to the Barceló Maya when I was pregnant with my son. Amazing resort!

    1. I have been looking at these photos a lot lately, such a FAB resort and great memories with the kids – I need to take them back one day!

  2. I am a big fan of last minute travel. We have scored some remarkable deals that way.
    The Barcelona looks amazing. We stayed in cancun the parnassus two years ago and loved it. This makes me want to go again.

    1. You’re getting me all excited, Paula!! Last minute can be frugal, fun and fabulous! I just have to let my issues with planning and control go….
      I’ve never actually stayed in Cancun, but I do love the Mayan!

      1. K, only one guess as to what I’m doing right now then! And they say Pinterest is addicting – travel sites are!!

  3. It’s funny. I am usually a planner by nature and am much happier when I have a set itinerary, that said I love just hopping in the car for impromptu road trips. Can’t wait to see what you unplan. 🙂

    1. Yes, Julia – I need time to make sure I have everything in order. Day trips is one thing, but anything longer?! Ahhh, the stress!!!

  4. Long before we had children we thought it was an excellent idea to get married on the March Break weekend. It wasn’t well thought out….now we spend our Anniversary weekend away surrounded by kids and we rarely travel with our girls then because it’s so crazy busy. We’d much rather wait till it’s quiet. #Kindermom

    1. Sometimes that’s what it takes to slow down and just relax though. Thankfully you can just wait a week and pretend it’s the previous!

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