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Scentsy in the Home

No matter the season, I always have my Scentsy fragrances filling my house with rich aromas. Years ago I was a candle buff, yet the dangers to the home and everyone else – always made me worry. When I was introduced to Scentsy years ago, I fell in love and haven’t gone back.It really is the safest when it comes to scenting the home.

With Scentsy, new warmers and scents immerge every month, and so does the entire product line-up. First there was the introduction of Scentsy Buddies, the Nursery Collection and now – ScenTrend! Unlike all other scents that has a mix of high and low notes which make the resulting scent, ScenTrend is a single note fragrance, perfect for mixing with your other favorite scents. The first and only ScenTrend is Pink Pepper, “distilled from rose-hued berries of the Peruvian pepper tree and conveys spicy aromas with hints of angelica and juniper”.

I have my favorite Scentsy warmers and preferred scents – yet like to stick to the categories of scents for certain holidays and seasons. The February Scent of the Month is Pixie, “a mischievous moonscape of pink pepper, mandarin, and heliotrope, deepened by exotic teakwood and vanilla oak.” You can mix Pink Pepper with the new Pixie or try mixtures of others that you like, to change up the scent a bit.

That way, your old favorite gets a new zesty scent, and by using the ScenTrend fragrance, you can liven up any of them. Suggested Pink Pepper pairings are Love Story, Amber Road, Paradise Punch and Hendrix. Personally, Paradise Punch is one of my all-time favorite Scentsy fragrances, of which I have a ton on hand at all times. I really like result of mixing the Pink Pepper with Paradise Punch, such a great combination!

I recently got a new warmer to add to my collection, the Crinkle Warmer – light and fresh in color, and a nice change to the dark warmers I have for the Winter months. Yet, it’s such a great color to put into any room of the house as you can see from my photo above.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I have never tried Scentsy before but have always wanted to. I too used to be a huge candle person but then along came the kids.

  2. I follow you on google+ and pinterest. I am a bit of a stalker of yours since you are totally awesome lol

  3. I haven’t tried Scentsy before but I really want to try the Be Still


  4. i would love to win this prize as i have never tried scentsy products before but have heard so much about them! i love home fragrance!

  5. I love scentsy 🙂 I have many favourites but for this month it’s ‘Lucky in Love’!

  6. I have not tried Scentsy yet but would love to as they would be a safer alternative to candles,with my pets.

  7. I follow on twitter and tweeted-!/409cope/status/168804851122319360

  8. I’ve never tried Scentsy products before, but would love too!! The corner cafe scents sound really nice. I’d love to win a scentsy warmer and scents since they are so much safer then burning candles and don’t contain the harmful ingredients of air fresheners etc.

  9. I have tried Scentsy before and love all the different scents available. One scent I like is Black Raspberry Vanilla.

  10. I don’t have a favourite scent, as I have never tried it. I would LOVE to try it though because I have so many friends who love it and rave about it all the time. Plus, my basement smells weird.

  11. I haven’t tried Scentsy before but I’ve heard good things. I’d love to win and try their products for myself!

  12. Yes, I have tried scentsy, and LOVE their products, I would love ot win some more goodies from them. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  13. I have never tried scentsy before but would love to give it a try. What bother me with candles is sometimes the smoke stain the ceiling paint. Pink pepper sounds like such an interesting fragrance.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  14. I have not try Scentsy before. I think I’ll like “Quiver”. I’d like to win cause I found those Glade are too strong at times & like to give this a try.

  15. I have been waiting to try the Love Story scent. It sounds wonderful! The warmer is adorable!

  16. Yes i have tried scentsy before and i love them, favorite scent is sugar cookie

  17. commented on your Homemade Lollipop Photo Valentines! post
    angela m

  18. I have not tried it before but my sister in- law has it and I enjoyed it at her house and now am ordering for myself. I really like the paradise punch!

  19. I have never tried scentsy before but I have heard all about it. I know people who absolutely LOVE it and I would like to try it for myself!

  20. I haven’t tried Scentsy before, but I would love to! I’d like to win because I use air fresheners a lot, seeing as the windows in our old apartment don’t open – that means getting rid of smells other ways, especially after cooking! My favorite scent is coconut

  21. I have never used Scentsy before, but I would love to try the Sweet Pea and Vanilla.Nothing is nicer than walking into a beautifully scented home!

  22. I haven’t tried Scentsy yet. I would love to try it since there is so much buzz about Scentsy, and I’ve heard great things!

  23. I would like to win because I would like to try Scentsy. I have never tried Scentsy before.

  24. I have never tried it before, but I would like to. I find that my house gets a stuffy smell in the winter months.

  25. I’ve never tried Scentsy before, but I would love to try Perfectly Pomegranate. I like having a safe alternative to candles, and I think the unique scents are wonderful!

  26. I haven’t tried Scentsy before but always hear great things about it and would love to try the Happy Birthday scent

  27. I haven’t tried scentsy yet but would love too!!! Also, I am in love with the crinkle warmer!!!

  28. I’ve never tried Scentsy but I’d like to because I’ve read a lot of reviews saying how great it is.

  29. i tweeted, shared, liked, and google+
    I would love to try Scentsy, I love party lite and its almost the same and since i love party lite im assuming id love scentsy!!

  30. I have never tried these, but I’ve been in many homes that have one. I would love to win to enjoy it in my home.

  31. I haven’t tried Scentsy, but the Perfectly Pomegranate sounds great! I would like to try Scentsy, because I love walking into a nicely scented home.

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    Love is in the Air with @scentsy! Canadians can enter to win a Valentine Premium Warmer with Scents here: @MyChaos

  33. Have you tried Scentsy before? : No i have not tried it before i would love to though, i know ppl that have Scentsy though, and they love it.

  34. Do you have a favorite scent?: My favorite scent is anything tropicaly im not sure what any of their products smell like, but im sure they all smell great.

  35. Why would you like to win these fabulous products?: i would love to win these fabulous products cause i would love to try them. i havent had a chance yet.

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  37. Sorry, please disregard my post immediately prior to this one. I posted the linke to a Twitter post that I meant to put on your Rocky Mountain Soap Company giveaway.

  38. Feb 26
    8m DAYLE DAYLE ‏ @vinci777
    Love is in the Air with @scentsy! Canadians can enter to win a Valentine Premium Warmer with Scents here: @MyChaos

  39. #1
    commented on your yummy sounding tater tots
    recipe. thanks for the recipe too.

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    commented on your yummy sounding tater tots
    recipe. thanks for the recipe too.

  41. went to a party, won a car airfreshner, I personally thought they were expensive, and didn’t buy anything, but thats just me, I tend to buy things only that I need not a whole lot of things to clutter up the house because of wants and such

  42. i have never tried/owned any sentsy products but have been to homes that have them and they smell soooo wonderful, would like to have that as well.

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