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Dizzy Dancers Pets

There is a new toy to be seen on the shelves this March, Hasbro’s Dizzy Dancers!

I have to admit, my kids were pretty lucky to be able to play with these fun pets for the last month. Not even available for sale yet, my girls were thrilled to be some of the first to put these toys to the test.

Wait, what’s a Dizzy Dancer you ask? Here’s the product info:

Do you dare to dizzy? In spring, take a spin with DIZZY DANCERS pets, a playful assortment of twirling, spinning animals from the makers of FURREAL FRIENDS! Simply pull the included dizzy cord to set these pets in motion and watch as they spin and dance wherever you place them. Each DIZZY DANCERS pet comes with a spinning base, dizzy cord and a twistin’ tricks card that challenges girls to complete cool tricks with their pets. Girls can collect more than 50 DIZZY DANCERS characters this year, and interchange the top and bottom of any pet to create a custom DIZZY DANCERS collection of her own.

With looks, these pets are fun – bright colors, fun hair – kids approve. By action, I’d compare Dizzy Dancers to the girl version of the popular Beyblades. So if you know the premise behind Beyblades – you’ll know why these would delight.

Using the zip-cord, Dizzy Dancers twirl and spin. Alone, my girls liked to see who could their pet to spin the fastest. Yet, with two going, it’s a race to the spinning finish – but watch out – they can crash into each other, knocking out the opponent. Each sold separately, Dizzy Dancers come in a variety of pets, so they become something to collect as well.

I have found that my twins just love having a furry and soft pet to hold. Sure it’s fun when put in action, but it’s also a toy that was welcomed to afternoon tea with the stuffies – and carried around in the purse for play while on the go.

Dizzy Dancers will be available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on Recommended for ages 4 & up with an ARP of $8.99, get yours Spring 2012.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. The dizzy dancer that I won last month was a smash hit with my great nieces! Really funny to watch the younger one trying to stop the dizzy dancer from spinning.

  2. My daughter saw a commercial for these last week and went crazy. Funny how they can recognize the things they like at such a young age just from a commercial….

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