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Life Is Good Shirts


One look at the Life is good Shirts and you’ll notice the signature drawings featured on the items. The graphics illustrate the simplities of life – those moments that truly make life – good.

That alone is a very remarkable and optimistic message to send, yet there’s more of a mission behind the brand.

The company started with 2 brothers, selling t-shirts from their van. An instant success, the business grew immensely. Life is good raised $207,000 for families it need after 9/11, yet they realized that efforts should be made to help others all the times, not just in times of disaster. At that point giving back was weaved into the fabric of the company, helping those in need at all times. Making life good to everyone.

My girls all received items from Life is good, and I can now add one more attribute to the glowing name of the brand – quality. Strong and made for wear, I could tell immediately that these clothes would stand up to all that good life one leads.

My oldest choose Let it Snow: Girls Crusher Long Sleeved Tee, as pictured above. The vintage ivory color adds to the comfort and feel of the shirt, and the graphic is ideal for the start of our Canadian winter. My daughter states that she likes the tee because it’s comfortable and cozy. It fits her so well!

The twins each got the Pink Snowflake: Snug Fit Sleep Set. Can we say adorable! A good fit for comfort and safety, these pajamas are exactly what they should be – warm and snugly! The girls love the snowflakes on the pants and shirt graphic. They have cuffed ankles and wrists, made with 100% cotton – and are nothing short of adorable.

If anything, I can look at my girls and really mean it to say, Life is good. They ARE my optimism, so I really believe the message that this company sends out.

What is the ‘good’ in your life?

A day fishing? There’s a shirt for that.

Does a long ride on the bike make your day good? Check out the ‘bike’ selection too.

Inspiring, hopeful and making one feel better – Life is good promotes that positivity. The items let you shout to the world – even on those days when you feel that you have to convince yourself of the fact. During this season especially, let’s all be reminded of the good for yourself, and for others.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I love, love, love Life is Good stuff! We have their shirts, hoodies, mugs, water bottles, pygamas, even a cat water bowl… We get their stuff all the time, and as you said, everything is well made and lasts a long time.

    1. A true fan, Anna! Do you have a store near you or do you mainly online shop at Life is good?

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