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Hallmark, Preserving Holiday Memories for Kids

Hallmark and Christmas is pretty much like peas and carrots. The company and their outstanding products really captures the spirit and reiterates the meaning of the holidays. A simple heartfelt card which bring about tears of joy. A beautiful ornament that becomes a cherished keepsake, probably passed down for generations….

This time of year is the perfect time to ‘Press Pause’ on the chaos of life and appreciate life and those around you. At Hallmark Canada you can find some unique and thoughtful gifts, for that special person in your life.

Back again this year is the Interactive Storybooks and Cuddle Buddies. I mentioned them last year around this time, and they are still a hit with my kids. Jingle the Husky Pup barks, whimpers and sings while the coordinating book is read. Always a favorite with my girls all year round, this holiday book and pup is great in encouraging reading to others, and having that interactive stuffed animal to love and share stories with.

My girls got a very special bear this year from Hallmark Canada, The Make-A-Wish bear. Soft and cuddly as can be, it also comes with one very special feature – you can record a special message to be played back with a press of the star the bear holds.

This really meant a lot to me, for those times when blogging takes me traveling. I recorded a heartfelt ‘I love you’ message to my daughters, so that they can play it back and have that Mommy reassurance for when they need it. I relish in the fact that they can hear my voice when I’m not near. To kids, that can make all the difference in the world!

And, the best part about the Make-A-Wish product line-up is that Hallmark donates 25% of sales to Make-A-Wish Foundation. 25% is a generous amount, that is so awesome to see. Plus, gifting one of the Make-A-Wish products gives back to those in need, surpassing the meaning of gifting any other stuffed animal.

More on the ‘recordable’ lines is the well-known Recordable Storybooks. We received A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is a favorite story for the holiday season. Now, we can add to our tradition of watching the show, with reading the story too!

This is a great idea for gifting kids who live farther away from you. Simply record your own voice while you read the book and then kids can have a story told by you! Again, it’s the comfort of hearing a voice that isn’t near, just priceless!


I am a part of the Hallmark Canada Press Pause Panel,
in association with Hallmark Canada.
Product was provided to facilitate this post,
yet all opinions are my own {of course}.


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    1. Did you see that Walmart now has Hallmark sections? I like that you can get more than Hallmark cards there now, since I’m there so much!! Yet, there’s nothing better than browsing through a Hallmark store, especially this time of year!

  1. I love everything about Hallmark! I can cry through all their movies and enjoy their commercials just as much! YEAH for Hallmark for yet more wonderful treasures!

  2. Great article. I have been thinking of buying one of their books and animals. I think my little girl would love to have to have the book come alive with her own pet.

  3. I love Hallmark, I buy their cards for special occasions and they have the best after Christmas sales always and then you get beautiful cards for the next year!

  4. i was very proud of my 3-year old grandson on saturday, dec.17th. He wanted Jingles the husky and the book so bad, but his mom said it was too expensive, so he picked out a ty cat instead and told the cashier at Hallmark that Jingles was too expensive. I think that this little sweetheart should be able to get this item cheaper so he could sleep with it every night like he said he would. It isn’t fair that some kids get everything and some don’t because thigns cost so much.

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