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Dymo CardScan for Home or Office

If there’s one thing I learned from attending blogging conferences and events, it’s that you bring home a lot of business cards! Sadly, a huge stack of cards still lays in my drawer, the thought of going through and transferring emails and blog follow lists manually – well, make me not want to do it. Hence, why I haven’t!

Enter the neatest little gadget that I have seen in a long time – the personal CardScan by Dymo!

With this handy device you can declutter those cards and easily put the info right where you need them. How does it work? Well, in minutes {so fast!}  this scanner captured all the data printed on all my business cards. It automatically sorts the information into a database, allowing you to even sync it to email or other programs.

Setting up the personal CardScan is super easy: use the disc on any Windows operating system {sorry, no macs}, attach the scanner with included USB and use – that’s it! You can tell it to read the top of a card, bottom or both. You can scan the cards individually or place the stack and leave – it takes literally seconds per card. Then, you can add categories to your cards, for easy reference or to group contacts to certain events. As well, you can take the contacts you have now – and highlight drag them into the CardScan program, As in, highlight the signature of an email and all that persons’ information gets stored much the same as the business cards do.

Again, do you know how long that would have taken me, to manually put all the information into my computer?!

Best of all? And this is the neat part … it even ready handwritten text. So, if you were smart at the time and jotted down more info about the person that gave you the card – that too, will be copied and filed for you. And that fancy text that even the eyes have a hard time reading? That too was copied very easily.

This device would come in handy for the home office, or taking WITH you on trip and events – it comes with a pouch for storage. And, it easily fits into the hand, so bonus points for being compact! I used this for my business cards, next up is the cards from our home business. And, then it’s coming with me on the next trip I take – so very handy. And, I don’t have to take home hundreds of business cards which’ll keep my a shelf warm for years.

Get your Dymo CardScan at office supplies stores such as Staples and retails for $189.99 CAD {watch flyers though, I’m sure you could get a deal right now}.

If you see someone on your list open their wallet and a ton of business cards fall out like leaves – this gift is for them!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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