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The PEN Ready Project #PenReady

The PEN Ready Project: I only share a snippet of my photos here on My Organized Chaos, yet what’s hiding behind the blog is more of an an obsession. Capturing the kids, and life in general, I am never seen without a camera in hand. My gear? A collection of point and shoots, 3 small digitals and 2 DSLR’s {Canon and Pentax}. Ahem, and a 3rd is in consideration.

When I was asked by Olympus to be a part of the PenReady Project, I oh-so-happily accepted. You see, Olympus put their newest PEN E-PM1™ DSLR cameras in the hands of 1000 random people to prove ease of use. Besides being contacted online, Olympus has given away these 1000 cameras to random people on the streets to to people catching a flight. And I am one of them, #886. The mission of this huge giveaway? I and all the others were simply asked to use the camera, and upload a minimun of 20 photos onto the PenReady site. Fun, right?

The PEN E-PM1™ DSLR has some super-impressive features and the whole campaign has created quite a buzz in the world of photography. One peek at all the untouched and unedited photos at the PenReady site, and you will see that ordinary people have turned into passionate shutterbugs with being handed this DSLR.

The PEN E-PM1™ DSLR is the newest camera by Olympus and though it’s lightweight and small in comparison to other DSLR’s, I was shocked to learn that this camera packs all the power as my very expensive alternatives. You can even exchange lenses with the PEN E-PM1™ DSLR as well, and it’s still smaller and less of a burden to carry around. And, the lenses retract too, providing an even smaller camera to tote.

Check out a few of the photos I took using my PEN E-PM1™ DSLR, all unedited {except for adding a watermark to the photos}, using the easy-to-use modes on the camera.

Ordinary Auto Feature
Pop Art Feature

More than 1,000 cameras. Over 1,000 people. A giveaway like none other. A project that’s never been seen before. See what happens when Olympus puts the new, revolutionary PEN® E-PM1 in the hands of everyday people. The PEN Ready Project is changing the way we capture the world, and this site is your chance to witness that change.

Inspiring campaign, yes!

I have been having a blast using my new Olympus PEN E-PM1™ DSLR {ARV $499.99 CAD} and have actually chosen it most days, over my other DSLR’s. From videos, ordinary stills to getting creative with the different artistic settings and modes, this camera {and the entire brilliant PenReady project} has truly won me over!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. PEN E-PM1™ DSLR camera kind of reminds me of a film camera. something about the flat body design. but the Pen E-PM1 is much smaller, of course.

    1. Yes, the body did remind of me of one of my very first cameras. But, its a classic feel that feels so solidly built!

  2. These are awesome!! I’m just kinda sorta a wee bit…okay a lot jelaous!! Love your shots and can’t wait to see what’s to come.

  3. The last picture is great the rusted push lawn mower against the grey muted tones makes it pop and gives us a fall feel to it. Plus it also makes me wonder about its life, how long has it suffered in the outdoors to become so rusted. I cant help but feel for the lawn mower hehe 🙂

  4. I love the compact size! I, too, carry my camera everywhere and would LOVE a smaller DSLR with all the features! Thanks for the info!

  5. thanks for the review, I have been looking to purchase a new camera I am leaning towards a SLR just because of the quality. Will have to check more into this camera!! thanks again!

  6. I carry a camera around at all times too … does this camera shoot FAST .. or is there a delay like the Samsung NX10? Would love a small quality camera… but would love a camera that can keep up to my kids! …

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