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Littlest Pet Shop Jet Playset

BLYTHE LOVES Littlest Pet Shop Jet Playset: BLYTHE is pet sitting a very special bulldog and they’re going to fly to their next adventure. They load their luggage on the cart and board the jet. They’ll watch movies, relax in their comfy seats, and nibble on snacks. What a fun ride!

Take to the skies with your BLYTHE figure and bulldog pet! Unload their luggage from the included cart and stow it on the plane vehicle, then put the bulldog in the special seat made just for him. Now you get to choose: will your BLYTHE figure “fly” the jet the whole way, or will she sit in back and relax with her bulldog friend to watch movies while the “plane” is on “autopilot”?

My girls were especially excited to see this playset, since they fondly recall going on a plane twice in their lives. Yes, they still remember both adventures on a plane and constantly ask when they will be going on an airplane again. So, right away you know that it’s a set to get kids excited for an upcoming flight.

My twins have had limited exposure up until this point to Littlest Pet Shop products {the line usually has smaller pieces}, yet my oldest daughter has liked the Littlest Pet Shop for years now {she has kept them in her room and away from the twins when they were younger}. The Jet plane comes equipped with BLYTHE doll and pet, chairs that move, cart with food, luggage, hat, headphones and more.

It won’t be long until the twins will be playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys, so I have been looking for a great ‘starter’ kit which doesn’t include many little parts. The Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Jet Playset is great, since there was only one part that I would put up for now until they are a bit older. For now, this is mainly played by my oldest, and a couple times my twins have wanted a turn at flying the jet, with Mommy supervising due to the tinier pieces. They constantly compare their own trip on planes to the features of the Littlest Pet Shop Jet Playset – great comparison to what is on a real plane!

Littlest Pet Shop Jet Playset is recommended for ages 4 and up. It {as well as other Littlest Pet Shop play sets by HASBRO} can be found at major retailers that have toy departments or online where HASBRO products are sold.



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Wow, my daughter would love this. I did not see it in the store tonight but I am going to bookmark this page so I can hunt this down tomorrow. Thank you very much.

  2. My niece is really into those littlest pet shop toys now. Gotta love christmas shopping visit 10 stores and they dont have it -.-

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