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Hooch Owl Corkscrew

Sometimes when gifting to others, you can think simple and practical, yet go for the bang when it comes to details. Case and point? The Hootch Owl Corkscrew from Red Envelope. This vintage inspired owl shaped corkscrew is based on the famous 30s R. G. Smythe’s patent owl design. Yes, it’s compltely functional, but with such a classic look! Cute this is, as you twist it and the corkscrew goes down into the bottle cork, the owl wings rise up.

Red Envelope has so many other bar accessory gifts that especially most men would go wild over, check them out!

The Hootch Owl is heavy duty metal, you really feel the quality in the weight of this corkscrew. Actually, after holding lightweight ones for years, this one surprises you by the weight and quality. Luckily I don’t cheap out on the wine like I do past corkscrews, eh?

The corkscrew is solid and would be loved by any wine loving person on your list, or an owl memorabilia collector. Great for gifting or for those holiday parties planned. Priced at $49.95 on, This guy is cute enough to sit on the kitchen counter when not in use, and stands about 8 1/2″ tall.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Loving this post, this would be great for any husband/Dad that has a bar in the house and wants to add that special touch. The fact that this is vintage and has an excellent design would make a great addition to anyones collection of bar memorabilia.! Cool gadjet! Love seeing that you also cater to the Dads, and husbands! Love your writing!

  2. well that’s certainly interesting… might freak my mother out if she happened to be a little loopy on holiday evening.. … hehe gives me an idea 😉

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