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Electrolux Nimble Vacuum Cleaner

I grew up in an Electrolux household. Meaning that my Mom, used the same Electrolux vacuum for over 25 years. It’s witnessing quality and brand loyalty firsthand that made that lasting impression with me. So, when I was asked to review the new Electrolux Nimble vacuum cleaner, I couldn’t help but to think of her and accept. Yet, this also made me have high expectations of the machine, knowing full well the quality of others bearing the Electrolux name. It’s also worth mentioning that I have a love affair with vacuums, and it stems from the fact that I hate to do the chore – so I want one that works well and gets the job done in record time.

The Nimble comes almost ready to use, right out of the box. Just snap in the wand/handle onto the base, add the attachements to their spot on the vacumn and go.

Much like another brand that swivels and moves effortlessly around the house, so does the Electrolux Nimble upright vacuum cleaner. To me, this feature is key when choosing a vacuum, and this is the part when I admit to maneuvering my way around toys and whatnots laying on the floor. I do a full toyless clean a couple times a week, yet this mom of 3 kids has to break out the vacuum for the carpet and kitchen floor daily {if not twice a day}, to get to those high trafficked and high-danger zone areas {aka, the areas that seems to always be spilled on}.

The wand is another feature that had me smiling. Stairs are always a bother, especially for those vacuums with short hoses. Then, you try and do the almighty balance of the vacuum on the stairs. Pair that with a need to rush and a clumsy person at best, does not make for a ton of successful outcomes}. The Nimble comes with a long extendable wand, so the vacuum doesn’t have to be right by your side at all times. Plus, the hose is clear! I love this because if something does get stuck in there, you’d be able to see it right away.

The 3-in-1 tool: when using the claw for the stairs, it tries to snap shut on me all the time. It would be nice to be able to keep it in either keep it in an open or semi-open position. As well, I noticed less suction with the 3-in-1 tool, which makes me reach more for the brush attachment more than the 3-in-1 tool. Maybe that’s partially due to habit, being so used to using brush tools on the carpet and being able to brush out all the air that can get stuck in there.

Having only tested it for a short while {in comparison to the years that my Mother used hers}, I do hope that the Electrolux Nimble shines in the long-lasting department like so many others before it. For now, it works well against the sand at the front door left from the playground, Autumns traces of dried yellow grass that don’t let go of my kids’ clothes on purpose until we are in the house, cheerios stuck to shirts until they are safe to land on carpet, the million lost hair ties that can be found around the baseboards of every room, and those little stickers that lead the way to my kids every time.

The main features as I see it:

  • Powerful LED headlight {so that’s what’s under the bed!}
  • Bagless {does anyone even use bagged vacuum’s anymore}
  • 5-year warranty
  • Sealed HEPA filter
  • Telescopic Integrated Wand System {a necessity, and goes up to 14′}
  • 3-in-1 VersaTool and Dusting Brush {for the edges of stairs and all little spaces along the stairs}

For your home or as a gift to others, everyone needs a good vacuum {especially if they have kids or pets}. Keep your ears open to someone that complains about their current model, you just may be able to gift something so practical this year! You can get your Electrolux Nimble at stores that carry the Electrolux brand {such as Canadian Tire and Costco}. The ARV is $329.99



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I like that it has a light on it (or maybe I don’t;-) Sometimes when vacuuming we miss things or areas that may need a little extra time…I also like the idea of a bagless one, as it is always hard to find the right bags when you need them!!

  2. i have never seen a 3-in-1 VersaTool and Dusting Brush tool before… looks pretty cool!

  3. I always trusted Electrolux quality and I hope their quality standards are the same in North America as they are in Europe.

  4. Electrolux is the only vacuum I knew growing up, my Grandmother and my Mom had an Electrolux. It is still a trusted brand in my home!

  5. Thanks for the review. I’m in the market for a new vacuum and found this very helpful. And yes… Electrolux vacuums have gone through generations of my family as well.

  6. There is a mini turbine head, which is basically a small vacuum cleaner
    head, that is good for getting pet hair out of your
    couch or vacuuming mattresses and the Dyson cyclone technology means there
    are no bags to replace. Use the swifter regularly to remove excess pet hair.
    You will be able to keep all those hard to reach areas free from
    djst with the flexible hose and brushes that come along with thede vacuums.

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