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Battleship Live

“I seen that on TV, Mom!” is what my oldest daughter yelled when I pulled out Battleship Live, a new Hasbro board game that we were sent for review. It’s true, most people will recognize ‘Battleship’, yet the new LIVE version takes the fun to a whole new level. This new game comes with sensors on the board and a talking tower {ahem, control center}.

It was a little tricky at first, having not played this game for many years. There was no instructions! Yet, I was relieved to soon find out that the talking tower is your instructions, walking you through the game from start to finish. For kids, it’s really neat to have the actually ‘and… fire!!” sound when a player chooses to take a shot on the opponent.

As {hazy} memory serves, this new Live version is a little different than the traditional game. Though the object of the game is the same, this time players can move their ships during their turn. As well, there’s a couple ‘fancy moves’ that you can make with one of your turns, to try and get the advantage {air strike, tomahawk missile, cruise missile, sweep for mines or send your submarine on a dive}. you can also send a spy plane on the track, to the other side. This hasn’t worked in my benefit yet, I’m afraid even my spy plane can’t get me past my daughters’ mad board game skills. Tip, don’t play this game with my daughter unless you have thick skin, she’s ruthless! Ha!

I really like this new version of Battleship, it’s really fun to play. Plus, with the sensors, the board will tell you if some of your pieces have shifted position or if you forgot who’s turn it is. And, unlike the classic version, the talking tower control center can throw out curve balls to change the game {such as intense fog or rough tides}. When it’s your turn, you choose your move via placement of your command peg, and then cover both censor pads on your side of the board to verify your move. This has to be the best part of this futuristic version! You can also pause your game too, great for having to run after a couple toddlers for a bit, during play. And like I said, if Mom comes back and someone has moved one of my pieces, the tower will let me know to put it back in place. Neat, right?

Battleship Live is recommended for kids age 8+, yet my 7yo mastered this game in no time. Though she can easily play thanks to tower instruction, she does need to brush up on that strategy. She keeps winning from ‘firing’ at me all the time, not even moving her boats around the board. Like I said, ruthless little miss! Fun for everyone in the family, Battleship Live as an ARV of $49.99 CAD and requires 4 ‘AA’ batteries to play, not included.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. my fav board game as a kid was my poples board game, but my brother would never play with me, He knew he was smarter at playing monopoly so we had to play that everytime so he could always win. haha. big brothers hey?

  2. my favorite as a kid was candy land. not so much now but still love to play with the kids

  3. My favorite board game as a kid was Life, and i still have fun playing it today, although i have to admit the old version is more fun than the newer ones and electronic Life took all the fun out of the game.

  4. I actually loved playing Battleship as a kid,and I still play it now with son! 🙂
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  5. Loved playing yahtzee as a kid and still do today! Snakes and Ladders was also a good one!

  6. my favorite game as a kid was monopoly and I still enjoy playing it today


  7. My favorite board game as a kid was clue, and i still love it

  8. my favorite board game as a kid was Monopoly and
    now it is Scrabble


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  13. I always loved “The Game of Life”. It isn’t my favourite any more but it’s still a good one 🙂

  14. My fave game as a kid was Monopoly. I still like it but it takes a long time to play!

  15. I loved the original battleship as a kid, would love this one. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  16. My favourite board game as a kid was Monopoly. I never play Monopoly anymore. My kids like Uno and Wii games.

  17. I loved (and still do) a game called Frustration – here in Canada it’s called “Trouble”

  18. My favorite board game was Monopoly and it still is. Even my kids love this game now. 🙂

  19. my favorite has always been Monolopy, always. I like all the new editions too, same game, more fun!

  20. One of my favorite board games when I was younger was SORRY. I still love to play with the kids, but I truly love monopoly and battleship more now!

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  24. My favorite board game as a kid was Monopoly and it is till my favorite.I love racking
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  25. My favorite game as a child was “Sorry” and now I get to play it with my children.

  26. My favorite board game when I was a child was the game of Life. It’s not my favorite now, but I do play it with my daughter

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  27. My favorite game growing up was Monopoly. And I still enjoy playing it today.


  28. My favorite board game was Life. I just remember playing it all the time! 🙂 I haven’t played a board game in a while now… miss the old days!

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