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Baked Eggs in Biscuit Cups

I just recently learned of another fantastic place to get new recipes. Want a hint? What site do you visit every day if not many times per day? Facebook! It’s called the Walmart Meal Solutions App, since it resembles an app, yet is a page on Facebook. The reason why it’s labelled as an ‘App’ is probably because it’s very simple to navigate and like apps, provides daily meal suggestions. So, each day a new recipe is featured {yet you can scroll back and view all of the previous recipes too}.

The reason why I was introduced to the Walmart Meal Solutions App is because I recently went on a Walmart Shopping trip for Collective Bias {check out #CBias and #FamilyMeals on Twitter}. What was I shopping for? I chose a recipe for Baked Eggs in Biscuit Cups, since my daughter was having a sleepover this weekend, and wanted a special breakfast for her and her friend. Plus, weekend meals are a time for us as a family to reflect on the week and slow down and enjoy each others’ company.

As for the recipe I chose, I always make the girls ‘egg muffins’, which is baked eggs in a muffin tin. It’s my kids’ favorite way to eat eggs. So, I chose the Baked Eggs in Biscuit Cups recipe. Since it adds a biscuit to baked eggs, I wanted to see if I could spruce up a our family favorite recipe.

Here’s my shopping trip and our breakfast, via thismoment – a great story telling slideshow. Have a peek!

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  1. This is great Tammi!

    Looks so super easy 🙂 I love your blue nail polish.

    My daughter loves ketchup on EVERYTHING as well (should I say my husband nearly does too?!?)

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