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The Wedding Singer ~ The Totally Awesome Edition!

Ahh, The Wedding Singer. This film has got to be one of my all time favorites, you can ask anyone I personally know. From the hilarious one-liners, the classic 80’s attire and hair – to the rockin music. I really do love this film! It’s one movie that I have seen more times than I can count. My faves: Billy Idol as himself {YES!}, Jon Lovitz as another Wedding Singer and claiming to be the best in the world {chuckle}, the meatballs scene! … and then everything in between all those scenes.

So, the point of my post here is that I can finally stop watching this film on VHS! On August 23rd, it was released onto Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack! Yes, I got a copy to facilitate this post, and that makes me thrilled! I thought the phrase, ‘totally awesome edition’ on the cover was fitting, and I could not disagree more. With this combo pack, all those classic 80’s music that I love so much, just sounds better! And *ahem*, breaking out the VHS all the time made me feel like i was in the 80’s…

So, if you haven’t watched The Wedding Singer, stop reading this and get the movie, already! Don’t make me sick Billy on you, ha! 🙂

Director: Frank Coraci
Cast: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor

It’s 1985 and Robbie Hart is the ultimate master of ceremonies…until he is left at the altar at his own wedding. Devastated, he becomes a newlywed’s worst nightmare – an entertainer who can do nothing but destroy other people’s weddings. It’s not until he meets a warm-hearted waitress named Julia, that he starts to pick up the pieces of his heart. The only problem is Julia’s about to have a wedding of her own and unless Robbie can pull off the performance of a lifetime, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Definitely in my Top Ten! LOL…and I, too, only have it on video…argh! Roll on, Christmas (this will be on my list)! 🙂

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