Last Ray of Sun

These last few days have been so scorching hot, it leaves to wonder why we are finally seeing this weather – in September! Really, mother nature, so cruel to give us one huge teaser on your way out the door.

Ahhh, summer. Why do you have to leave so fast?

We’ve been soaking up each and every last ray of sun, in any way that we can. Did you know that painting is much more fun in swimsuits, with breaks in the sprinkler and pool?

Oh – and if this is your first time visiting my WW posts,
know that I am anything but Wordless. Ha!

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  1. Nice photos!

    Why don’t you drop by my blog and check out what I’m doing this Wednesday. I’m doing a new series called Weightloss Wednesdays where I jot down some personal tips and tricks that worked for me. It would be great if you stopped by!

    Oh and Happy WW 🙂

    the perfect line|

  2. Well, your pictures sure do make a convincing argument. I need to have a word with mother nature myself, but glad to see you made the most of it!

    1. If you have a word, can you smack her around a little for me? I mean, er – tell her nicely that I’m not pleased that we really didn’t have a summer….

  3. That looks like so much fun! We have been getting such warm weather….it’s really too bad that camping season/vacation season is over. 🙁

  4. Such great pictures! As much as I complained about the heat here in TX, I always miss the days of Summer.

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  6. Trust me, come to MN and you will KNOW it’s September. I’ll take your weather any day of the week. We had such a short summer. The winter spilled over into spring so I feel like it’s been a very short warm season here! =(

  7. Love painting outside, less mess all over the house because when my MJ paints, I turn away for even a second and she is painting her arms, legs, and face.

  8. Fun outside time! We’re int he opposite boat – I’m ready to kick summer out the door! We have some unseasonably cooler weather now due to hurricane Lee coming through and I love it. I have long sleeves on!!

  9. Looks like lots of fun! My girls went back to school two weeks ago, so we feel like summer ended then even though it’s still been over 90 degrees outside.

  10. We recently had some fantastically wonderful summer type days down here, and it’s really too bad that school is back in because it’s too wonderful to be cooped up inside now! LOL! Gorgeous girlies you have here. Looks like so much fun, too!

  11. This is so funny b/c we were doing the same thing this weekend on my dad’s dock at a lake in PA. I brought a long roll of paper and my son was painting in his bathing suit!

  12. Wow, we had SUCH a scorcher of a summer here where we live, we are now seeing some nice cool 60s! And we are loving that. Funny how that works. Looks like you are eeking out every last bit of fun this summer!!!

  13. Summer painting … so fun! We give our grandkids paint brushes and buckets of water and let them have a go at sidewalk painting. ;D

  14. When I was little, I remember having bangs just like your daughter, I used to love to stroke them as I was trying to fall a sleep. Sure made me extra sleepy.

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