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Cheesy Ravioloni and Sauce Recipe

Due to busy schedules during the weekdays, I appreciate easy dinner recipes for at least a couple nights per week. I have found that if you have some no-stess recipes on file, then you’re less likely to resort to that drive-thru! So, when I took on a Loblaws Shop with Collective Bias for our Tuesday night supper {a day guaranteed to be chaotic}, I needed a quick and delicious dinner that both myself and the kids would enjoy.

This search was done on the Loblaws website, they have a huge list of recipes on there! I ultimately chose to make Cheesy Ravioloni and Sauce. Here in western Canada, Loblaws is called The Real Canadian Superstore {RCSS}. To keep it simple, through this shop – I will refer to the store as Loblaws, since it’s the main company name.

The story of browsing the site, discussing recipes found, shopping, prep and enjoying our meal can be seen on the following ThisMoment chronicle. Yet, this is the house of chaos – so nothing is ever that simple, right?

Take a peek at my story….

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  1. Can you make this when I get home from work, souinds yummy. How was the real mozzarela?

  2. your story was hilarious. glad to see i’m not the only one that deals with stressful shopping trips!

  3. When my kids act like that, I usually need to put an early end to the shopping trip. They fight over who gets to sit in the cart but my daughter is 6 and way too big for it. Yet, it’s still an issue! LOL

    That dinner looks so good, I’m craving some of that caesar salad. And I think I should buy some ravioli next time we grocery shop. Haven’t had that in ages!

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