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Snacking Care Packages from Gourmet Gift Baskets

I am a strong believer in the almighty ‘gift baskets’. It give the recipient an original gift with a variety items which they can enjoy {I know I love getting them}! Yet, the hardest part sometimes is trying to think of all the items to go into a gift basket. That’s where Gourmet Gift Baskets come in, such a huge selection of gift baskets for any and all occasions – even occasions you would never think of otherwise. They make it easy to select and send.

We recently received a Midnight Snack Care Package for review, and everyone in the house rejoiced. It was like Christmas morning, since hubby, the kids and I tore into the box and inspected it’s fresh contents. There was a great array of snacks, treats and juices. Really, the cravings of anyone could be satisfied, there was such a variety of snacks. Hubby and I immediately noticed that a few items weren’t sold in Canada, and loved being able to try them. For example, YooHoo – who knew? So, this basket also enables people to try treats they might not have access to. Great idea!

This Midnight Snack Care Package from Gourmet Gift Baskets is a great gifting idea for for students {back to school is coming!}, kids {perfect sized snacks}, for those who live on their own or ‘just because’ since I don’t know anyone that can refuse a basket of snacks!

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