Announcing the Re-Launch of Kinder Surprise in Canada!

I’m sure most people will recognize if not rejoice at the name of Kinder Surprise. Those wonderful chocolate eggs with the toys inside have been apart of many families lives for over 30 years. Kinder is no stranger to my house; whether it be Halloween treats, a surprise in the Christmas stocking or any time of the year that we love chocolate.

Isabelle ~ Easter 2005

Personally, I like it for the mix of the dark and white chocolate, such a creamy treat. The kids love that it’s chocolate and a fun toy – there is always much excitement when you show a child a Kinder Surprise egg!

Kinder Canada has recently partnered with a group of mom’s {via Mom Central Canada} to spread the word on some exciting things happening with Kinder Surprises here in Canada. Well, I am very excited to be chosen as one of those moms – Kinder Moms! {yaaa!}

The biggest news I’d like to share with you right now is that Kinder Surprise has announced a relaunching this year. With it comes with a new line of toys for 2012, including over 70 new toys. So, if your kid loves the toys inside their Kinders – just you wait! They are getting bigger, better and more fun for kids.

You can see all the fun, new toys on their Facebook Page. And, if you like their Facebook page, they will be giving away 5,000 coupons for a free Kinder Surprise later this month.

Most recently, I had Kinder on hand for my parenting task of potty training the twins. One of the tricks that worked for me is giving a piece of Kinder as a ‘Way To Go!’ for a job well done. And since I gave pieces of the chocolate throughout the day, I noticed that it didn’t dry out or crumble either. Hey, it worked well – you gotta do what you gotta do! Plus, it;s one of the chocolates that I always preferred giving to toddlers, since it’s thin and soft in texture.

When do you celebrate and play with Kinder Surprise?


Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of
my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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  1. We are kinder lovers too! I’ve realized I’ve been too stingy with the Kinders:) Thanks to Kinder Moms I’m now celebrating all the little moments from tackling that back dive to playing piano with out being asked:)

  2. I just heard about this on Facebook. I can’t find their page. Is the page not up? Is it just for Canada? I’m in the US and we LOVE Kinder eggs. The Canadian GPs always give them to the girls.

    LMK and congrats on working with them. email cafescrapper at gmail dot com

    xoxo SusieQTpies
    ps..i also have twins plus one

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