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Hello Kitty Alarm Clock

Wondering about the Hello Kitty AM/FM dual alarm clock radio with CD player?

Isabelle had her own CD player in her room, when she was first born {hice eh? I recall begging my Mom for my first one}. I found it so great for her, even as a baby, to listen to soothing music at quiet times and lively music during play. Now that she’s older, she has such an intense love for all kinds of music, and has great rhythm. With my twins, it was a different scenario. They didn’t have one – and though I’m sure it was a space issue, I try to think of why I didn’t find room for one of their own as babies….? Maybe just too busy, I guess. Really? With newborn twins and a toddler, imagine that!

So, when my twins’ 3rd birthday was approaching, I was offered the chance to give them a Hello Kitty AM/FM dual alarm clock radio with CD player from Sparkle Bee. Of course! And, on their birthday they unwrapped their new Hello Kitty CD player. They were thrilled with the cute design and immediately wanted to listen to music. I like that there are large button for them to even operate it themselves. Plus, it’s a decent size that doesn’t take up too much space in their already crowded room for two. Since that day they always have music in their room, and honestly – our TV is watched less because of it. Bonus!

Right now we don’t use the alarm clock feature, yet once the school season hits, I sure will be. Last year I recall trying to get all 3 kids out of bed in time to get past the morning chaos. Waking up to their music {versus me telling them to} will make for a much happier morning, I’m sure.

So, it has an alarm and plays music – but it also has many great features too:

* Top Loading CD Player
* CD-R/RW Compatible
* Skip/Search Forward and Back
* Repeat and Random Play
* Programmable Memory
* AM/FM Stereo Radio
* FM Stereo Indicator
* Multi-function 0.6″ Red LED Display with Dimmer
* Wake to CD, Radio or Alarm
* Power, Repeat, Program and Random Indicators
* Sleep Function
* Snooze Function
* Power: Unit – AC 120V 60Hz
* Battery Back-up (1 x 9V/not included)

Sparkle Bee has a great selection of Hello Kitty items like telephones, computer accessories, mirrors, blow dryers, curling irons and even Hello Kitty Lamps {read a past review of mine}.

Connect with Sparkle Bee on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest product news.


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  1. Adorable! I loved Hello Kitty as a child – ah, who am I kidding? I still love Hello Kitty!

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