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Testing out the 2011 Ford Explorer


On Canada Day we celebrated the Red and White – and for my family, another Red greeted us on that special day. My family is currently testing out the 2011 Ford Explorer XLT Limited. Yes, this baby has all the bells and whistles. Wow, the term ‘fully loaded’ sure includes a whole lot more now, than we were vehicle browsing just 3 years ago!

We, of course, are having a blast cruisin’ in this fine vehicle. When we discovered we were having twins at 21 weeks pregnant, we had a Ford Escape. I adored that vehicle and was sad when we had no choice but to trade it in for a minivan. I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to get into a SUV again!!

I’ll be back with a full review on what my family thinks of the 2011 Ford Explorer. I have much to share with you – but for now, I happily drive!!

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  1. We just tested this out last week,, it was AMAZING. I was so sad to give it back. 🙂 I’ll be posting soon… Enjoy your ride!

  2. That’s so incredible. I’m not a fully licenced driver yet, at 26 I decided to get my learner’s, and in BC we have a crazy long graduated licencing plan, so.. I’m taking my time as a learner and taking it easy.
    It must be such a treat to get a fully loaded brand new vehicle. I can’t imagine how awesome it must feel to get behind the wheel of this beauty!

  3. We’re pregnant with twins..they will be our only children. Do you think a Ford Escape is large enough? Right now we only have a compact sedan..Thanks for any advice!

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