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Fisher-Price Doodle Bears

It’s creativity and imagination combined with a lifelong friend. I’m talking about Doodle Bears by Fisher-Price. Apparently a top toy many years ago, Doodle Bears are back! As a Mom on the Fisher-Price Canada Panel, each of my girls got a Doodle Bear. They were very excited to get their hands on them, so first of all I was thankful for great packaging that allowed me to get these out in a hurry!

Each bear comes with markers, with dual tipped ends {one side is a writing tip, the other a stamp shape}. They also comes with a stencil, for creating fun shapes in their bear. Draw, color, create, trace – my girls love doodling on their bear. Once complete, it becomes a friend to hug and play with {and don’t worry parents, the markers don’t come off with hugs!}. You can also wash the bear and start all over again! Stuffed friends are always loved, yet pairing it with crafts makes it so much better!

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