What Would You Do With an Extra $100,000?

Today I asked everyone a question on Facebook and Twitter.

Really, it’s the ultimate question that I know we have all daydreamed about. Without even thinking, I bet you could come up with an answer, because YOU KNOW what you would do. Well, to no surprise, there was an outstanding amount of people that let their imaginations wild and stated what they would do if they won $100,000.

A car, renovation, pay off debt, get a new house, travel, college fund, spending time with family – the answers were similar.

It’s all about financial freedom!

Relief that you don’t have to take that extra shift at work to save for the leaky roof you so desperately need to replace. Happiness that your house is finally 100% yours. Being able to stay at home to raise your children. It’s very sad, but a reality that extra money means more time spent with the family, and really enjoying the life that you were given.

A day without pleasure is a day lost.

Thing is, there is an AWESOME contest happening right now. The winner will not only get that $100,000 cash prize but a TON of life’s luxuries to go along with it, a total prize worth $250,000. With only one short video entry, that person could be you! You could literally stop daydreaming and life your days in total bliss.

Here’s what the winner of the Magnum Heir Contest will get:

So, to all of you that answered my question today, there you go. That’s your entry.
Put it onto video and submit it before July 19. You could be the next Magnum Heir!!



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  1. Holy cow! I can think of many things to do with that kind of money in hand-I think the biggest two on my list are online college and giving it to my parents so they don’t need to stress about finances anymore.

    1. That is so nice, Kayla!!!
      You should enter, I would love for one of my readers to win!!

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