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Summer Reading

There’s only a couple school days left here in Canada, and then it’s time for summer activities, camps, and playing outside! While I’m happy to have 2 months of freedom from making school lunches, I don’t want my school-age daughter to get too distracted from learning. One thing that I’d like to keep constant over the summer is her reading. At 6, she is an avid reader, yet I’m afraid that the slacking on an established program might delay her skills. My plan is to set aside all her books that she is able to read herself and devote a little ‘bookworm’ time each day.

Thanks to Scholastic Canada, my daughter received a selection of new books, which are perfect for reading this summer break. She was excited to receive all the titles, just to dive into a never-before story! While each has it’s strong points as stories, I am most relishing in the fact that she can read them all independently. It’s good idea to equip yourself this summer with some new books, to keep that reading spark alive!

Here are her favorites:

The Underpants Zoo
by Brian Sendelbach

Grades: PreK-1

There is a new zoo in town—one that will keep you hysterically laughing until the last page! Find out what kind of underwear each animal in the zoo wears. A wonderful and different look at everyone’s favourite animals!


Meow Said The Cow
by Emma Dodd

Ages: 3-6

It’s a noisy morning in the barnyard: roosters crowing, cows mooing, mice squeaking! And the farmer’s cat has had enough. With a flick of his tail, the cat casts a spell and the barnyard is turned upside-down. The chickens are oinking, the sheep are barking, and the sheepdog can only let out a confused “Baa?” It’s not long before the animals figure out who’s to blame…


Give Me Back My Dad!
by Robert Munsch

Ages: 3-8

Cheryl and her dad know the very best spot for ice fishing. But they’d better watch out, because the fish have other plans…

My daughter and I both love titles by Robert Munsch, it’s one of only 3 authors she actually collects. So, this one is a huge favorite with her!


Do you have book recommendations for my daughter, starting Grade 2 this fall?



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  1. Anything by Robert Munsch is GREAT.

    Classics like Dr Seuss, Shel Silverstein (The Giving Tree, Falling Up, A Light in the Attic, Where the Sidewalk Ends…)

    Bubba the Cowboy Prince ( a funny take on the CInderella story)

    I love Max Lucado’s children’s books: Just in Case You Ever Wonder, The Children of the King, You Are Special, Because I Love You, Just the Way You Are, All You Ever Need, With You All the Way, You Are Mine, If I Only Had a Green Nose… (a bunch of them are about a little wooden boy named Punchinello who goes through funny things to try to fit in, and in the end finds that being himself is the best thing he can be.)

    I could go on and on. We LOVE to read at our house! 🙂

    ~ Raylene

    1. Wow – Raylene!
      Thanks for all the suggestion!
      Dr Seuss is another fave of ours – yet I try to keep those put away, some books I need to keep away from the twins – just in case.

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