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My Way Spinbrush Toothbrush for Kids

Thanks to making brushing fun and making it apart of daily routine, my kids have no problems brushing their teeth. Yet, recent bad news at the dentist means that my oldest will have to have braces and possible gum surgery when she’s older {I know, break this Mommie’s heart!}. Though this has zero cause from brushing, and she’s been told that – I see that this news has taken a toll on her brushing habits. Plainly put, I think she feels that she did so well all her life, for nothing. I have been really trying hard to calm her fears, nerves and make sure she knows that proper dental hygiene is always important. And once again, I’m trying everything to make sure that brushing is fun for her and not deemed a ‘chore’.

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush and Orajel have teamed up to bring kids a fun product that not only helps clean their teeth and prevent cavities, but makes brush their teeth fun and personal with their My Way Spinbrush Toothbrush and My Way Orajel Toothpaste. I got both of these items for review {great timing, wow!} and I was eager to see if it made a difference for my daughter.

The Kid’s Spinbrush MyWay Tooth Brush is the first and only customizable battery powered toothbrush, with a smaller brush head just for kids. The design is intended to make brushing fun by allowing kids to decorate and make their toothbrush unique to only them. And personalization is fun!!!

Isabelle didn’t waste any time tearing that package opening and immediately noticed that the on/off switch was a gemstone! She got to decorating work right away, there really are a ton of stickers included! My daughter received the boys’ kit, which did have a lot of ‘boys’ stickers on it. Yet, she likes animals and some sports, so even though it wasn’t all girly-girl like she is – she still loved it all the same. She was excited to put her name on it and tell her sisters that they couldn’t use her new toothbrush. After putting on the stickers, she brushed her teeth, and again an hour later, ‘I like MY new toothbrush, Mom’!

Since it’s a Spinbrush, I’m confident it reaches areas that a manual doesn’t get to {especially true when it comes to kids}. I am a huge fan of spinning toothbrushes and really think there’s no clean like it, so I’m all too happy when there is a similar {to mine} product for my kids as well. The Kid’s Arm & Hammer Spinbrush MyWay! Toothbrush is priced at just $6.99 and is recommended for ages 3+. I consider that a great price for encouraging daily dental cleanings for kids. In fact, once the twin toddlers are a bit older, this would be a great toothbrush for them all to take pride in!

I also have to give Kudos to the Orajel Kids My Way Anti-cavity Fluoride Toothpaste. It comes in such a handy pump, which lessens the chance of a mess. Really, I hate the toothpaste mess from kids! So, this is one product I KNOW I will keep on purchasing. It also comes with 120 water safe stickers to decorate the toothpaste container. My daughter loved the taste too, bonus! The My Way Anti-cavity Flouride Toothpaste is recommended for children ages 4 years and up.

Personalization and creativity can make toothbrushing fun. I’m so happy these products put a smile back on my daughters’ face!!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I would love to win for my friends daughter. She doesnt see the *fun* in brushing. I babysit her on a regular basis and she just doesnt want to brush her teeth. I think putting fun into brushing will get her into brushing and a routine.

  2. This would be great for my neice Katie! She just doesn’t like brushing her teeth and this may do the trick


  3. I would like to win this for my granddaughter. I gave her older sister one of these and she wants one now too.

  4. oh my! my daughter has been begging me for this toothbrush for months! I would love to win it for her

  5. I want to win because my daughter is just beginning with using a toothbrush and I don’t ever want her to have cavaties.

  6. i would love to win this because anything that gets the kids brushing their teeth is a good thing.

  7. I’d like to win because I have a 5 year old son who is very envious of my spinning toothbrush. He’d love this – and what a benefit it would be to his teeth too!

  8. I would like to win this for my nephew..looks like fun and Im sure he would love it!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  9. My daughter is 4 and just learning to brush her teeth herself. This would make it fun to learn.

  10. To avoid the yearly trips to the dentist and the out of pocket expense benefits don’t cover.

  11. I ‘digg’-ed a non-giveaway article (giving your daughter a space of her own!)

  12. My son keeps asking for an electric toothbrush like Mommy & Daddy’s so I’m hoping this would do the trick…

  13. I would love to win this to share ( I mean give to) with one of my clients that doesn’t like to brush their teeth.

  14. I’m so excited about this! I saw this toothbrush at a friend’s house last weekend and I looked all over it to figure out where to buy it. My daughter loved it, and really wants one. Honestly, my kids are a bit strange. When they open their Christmas and Easter gifts, and find a new toothbrush, it really is THE most exciting present they can get 🙂 This would make them so, so happy.

  15. I’d like to win because it I think it will get my 2 year old (almost 3) to enjoy brushing his teeth!
    jlas at live dot ca

  16. I’d like to win because my little girl enjoyed brushing her teeth and she will really love this one.

  17. i would love to win this because i know my daughter would love it and want to brush her tooth more

  18. My son is poised to begin fully brushing all on his own and this would be great to keep his mouth healthy.

  19. I would like to win because I often have my grandson on the weekends and I would be able to keep it here for him to use.

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