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Chex Gluten Free Cereal: Now Available in Canada

I really don’t know what my family would do if cereal ceased to exist, it’s a daily staple with my kids and I. Luckily {except for nuts}, my family can choose from most cereals on the market. Yet, I have quite a few friends who have Celiac Disease, and I know that’s where cereal selection can be sparse. The good news is that many big brands are producing gluten free foods, alleviating the past problems of high cost and of course, the convenience of not having to go to many specialty stores. General Mills has just announced good news for Canadians – Chex is coming to Canada! But, that’s not all because it’s Gluten Free Chex at that!

You’ll be able to find Chex Gluten Free in Canadian grocery stores starting this month {June 2011}. They are available in two delicious flavours, Honey Nut and Rice. Chex cereal is also very high in iron, so those with anemia, take note as well.

This is one cereal that I have been hoping would cross the border for years. So, I am beyond thrilled. Not only for eating with milk {yummy!}, but it’s so great in recipes too.

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  1. I’ve been watiting for GF Chex…yeah…there is not much variety when it comes to GF cereal

  2. I buy this in the states when there. I have been waiting for it to get to Canada. Still haven’t seen it.

  3. We love cereal at my house too. I can’t wait to try those. I have a recipe for a munching mix using 3 types of Chex that I’m going to try for sure. Thanks for the Heads-up.

  4. We don’t have to be gluten free at our house, but I find that when I have cut gluten from our diet in the past that we feel better. It’s nice to have another option for cereal WITHOUT gluten! Thanks for the post!

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