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Backyard Safari Outfitters

Backyard Safari Outfitters: As I’ve said before, my daughters are a girly-girls through and through. Yet, they have a strong interest in the outdoors, discovering, exploring and capturing bugs. Yet, they do all this, usually, with dresses on. It makes for funny photos, my girls hunched over in my garden, dresses in the air and fancy party shoes on, standing in a pile of dirt. So, it only makes sense that my girls were really excited when we got some products from Backyard Safari to review.

Children can now get up-close and personal with nature right in their own backyard or nearby park. Backyard Safari Outfitters equips young explorers with all the essential field gear they could possibly need for scoping out local “wildlife,” from insects in the grass to birds in the sky to frogs in a pond — and more!

Intended to bring exploration and adventure right the the backyard – Backyard Safari Outfitters has some really great items for kids, all the Backyard Safari Gear that I mention {and more!} are found on the site. The first thing we had to set up was the Base Camp Shelter. Easy to set up and very lightweight {really, peg this one down if there’s a wind!}, this tent is now Mr. Popular in our backyard. The girls love having their own fort, hiding from Mom with the Camouflage Netting. Yet, on rainy days, this tent can easily be brought indoors.

My daughter, wearing the Essential Field Gear Cargo Vest, adores the info sheets on the bugs and the included patches that comes with all the Backyard Safari products. It reminds her of her Sparks Troop badges, this time playing and exploring to earn these learning about nature badges! All of the Backyard Safari products come with a Pop-up Field Guide that includes a special mission. And, using the Mini Lantern and the cool Walking Stick just adds to their adventures. They really get into their backyard safari games!

So, vest on, stick in hand – my daughter uses the Bug Wranglers Extreme Suction Bug Vacuum to catch all those creepy crawlies she tries so hard to find. Just like a vacuum, my kids {yes, twins too!} are able to suck up various bugs and inspect them using the built-in magnifying glass. This is a must-have for all little outdoor explorers!

All the products are sturdy, imaginative and fun! Backyard Safari Outfitters have really captured kids’ curious minds and expanded on their quest for learning. With a full product line-up, this is one company you will want to look into for your kids this summer!

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Thank you to Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters for
providing these products for review!

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  1. My 6 year old daughter has the Backyard Safari “Bug Podz”.. it looks like hamster tunnels and tubes but for bugs… she LOVES it! I Love that it keeps the bugs IN and that she can construct, take apart, reconstruct as she sees fit. These are great products for sure! Enjoyed this post very much! Cheers!

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