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Automatic Lawn Sprinkler {Water Timer} from Lavish & Lime

Father’s Day… One of my fondest memories of my own Father was the sight of him watering the lawn every summer evening. Setting aside the sprinkler, he chose to sit on the steps and water the lawn with the sprayer, making sure he got every inch himself. I can still close my eyes and smell the sweet summer air and the peaceful look on my Dad’s face as he ended each day watering his lawn in silence. I used to think it was so silly, but now I realize just how much I would love to have time in my day to sit and cherish the sunset while spraying the lawn myself {I know, I’m such a sap. But, you knew that}.

Reality is, these days, I’m lucky if we remember to water our lawn. Both myself and my husband love to take care of our yard and we strive to grow a fabulous lawn every year. We know that the best time to water the lawn is early morning, yet we are out the door so fast that we’re not home to shut off the sprinkler if we turn it on. Then, at dusk, there’s the great opportunity to water again. How many of you turned on the sprinkers, forgot and fell asleep? I know I’ve woken up with a start, and running to see that we’ve just watered the entire neighborhood. Well, that’s not frugal at all!!

Sometimes gifting the items that people need most, is the best choice. For us, we are really liking the Nelson Automatic Lawn Sprinkler – water timer from Canadian online shop, Lavish & Lime. We are able to turn on the sprinkler in the early AM, set the timer and take comfort that the sprinkler will shut off automatically for us. No more over watering and over spending! It easily installs right onto your outdoor tap. Then, it’s a operates as a basic timer, the options range from 5 minutes to a 2 hour duration. A great product to conserve water and your dollars, you can have your busy life and a nice yard too!

For Men who’s summer hobby is spent cherishing yard-work, this Automatic Lawn Sprinkler is for him this Father’s Day. Gift as a stand alone gift, or alongside other items in a yard-care gift basket. I suggest the Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Water Timer, some grass seed, a ‘stay off the grass’ sign…and maybe a beer or two so he can sit back and admire his hard work. Just a suggestion. 🙂

For other great eco-friendly products on your gifting wish-list, visit Lavish & Lime. They have something for all tastes!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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