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Summer Fresh Salads and Dips

There’s something about Spring & Summer that brings out the ‘try new foods’ in me. I think it’s becasue we all reply on our warm comforting favorites all winter long, summer is finally a time to bust loose and eat healthier, fresher – and with more variety! So, when I was asked to review Summer Fresh, I was eager. I have been really focused on making smarter food choices these last 6 months, so this sounded like a good opportunity to try a new food and see if my kids would welcome it to our menu.

Having never tried a food made by Summer Fresh before, I had no idea that most of my favorite grocery chains here in Western Canada carried a number of their products. It’s funny how we can sometimes walk right by a display and never really take notice?! But just so you know, they are made here in Canada and made available to both Canada and the US.

Summer Fresh products span salads, hummus, gourmet dips, Meal To Go and more. They are all are made with fresh ingredients, are very colorful and have such a huge variety of products. I was surprised to see that many of my favorite dips and salads were also made by Summer Fresh. So far I have tried the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and the Spinach Dip. And, can you believe that I haven’t had Hummus before either? Really, have I been under a rock!? I think I may have found a new love, because I really like it! And the Spinach Dip? Just as good as my homemade variety, but much less work {and costs less when you price up the ingredient it would cost you to make it}. The kids adore these, preferring them on crackers or on pita bread. My daughter complimented me for sending some in her lunch too! Nutritious and kid-approved!

Really, you have to see the massive product line found at Summer Fresh. I found that our stores only carry a few kinds of dips and salads, so it’ll take a bit of exploring to discover which local store has the best stock and offers my favorites. So, possibly me walking by them all this time, in stores – is really because of the few varieties they carry.

While you are at the Summer Fresh website checking out the goodies, browse the site a bit – there’s recipes, full ingredient lists, entertaining tips, fitness articles and so much more – a great resource for those trying to live a healthier lifestyle! .They also have a variety of sizes in their packaging from large to small {party to lunches}. As well, there is new square containers which are resealable, stackable, recyclable and re-useable. Actually, these are new containers based on what customers wanted their Summer Fresh products in – cool, eh?

Here’s a bit more about Summer Fresh products:

summer-fresh-salad-dip-reviewDip, top or spread

Canadian-made with wholesome ingredients, Summer Fresh Dips and Hummus can be enjoyed so many ways. They make a decadent dip for vegetables, an ideal topping for crackers, or a delicious spread for flatbreads, pitas and sandwiches.

Over 50 delicious flavours

Summer Fresh Dips and Hummus are available in so many great flavours, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. Enjoy flavours like Roasted Red Pepper, Spicy Tzatziki, Bruschetta, Avocado Hummus and more. And don’t forget Artichoke & Asiago, Canada’s number one selling gourmet deli dip.

Options to suit any diet

No matter what dietary requirements you have, Summer Fresh has something for you. There are plenty of kosher, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegetarian options available – just look for the symbols on every pack.

Get creative with Summer Fresh

These delicious dips are not just for dipping – they can be used in so many different recipes. There are a few ideas below to get you started, but you’ll find so many more recipes at Look for Summer Fresh Dips and Hummus in the refrigerated deli section today.

So, which flavor should we try next?

*Disclosure – I am participating in the Mom Nation Summer Fresh Salads Blog Tour and was provided with products to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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  1. love the artichoke & asiago dip-can’t find it-where in the arrowhead of MN can I find it?

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