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Squinkies Nintendo DS Game Review

Even though I have 3 girls, I hadn’t heard of Squinkies until we received the Squinkies DS Game for review. The line seems to be marketed to the age between my girls, so I think that’s why the craze hadn’t hit my house yet. I say ‘yet’ because since then, Squinkies are all my kids talk about – now noticing the toys and products in stores. My oldest daughter loves the Squinkies game for Nintendo DS, after all, the goal is to help Princess Squinkie find her Squinkies friends by completing challenges and mini-games. With each challenge, she is one step closer to finding her lost friends. The mini-games include memory matching, coloring, picture puzzles, bubble popping and more. The twins have even taken their turns at the Squinkies game and do really well – how fast they catch on!

The Squinkies game we received came with four special-edition Squinkies {little toys that are also sold separately}. The game can also be purchased on it’s own, standard and without the toys. Yet, if you have little ones, I’m sure they would love the little toys as well – more Squinkies have been added to their collection since.

Rated E for Everyone, this Squinkies game is now available where Nintendo DS games are sold.



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Squinkies! I had no idea what that was, but I came by just to see what they were because the name sounds SO cute to me! hehehe Sounds like a SUPER fun game. I’m really out of touch with things though – my kiddos don’t have a DS and I hadn’t thought of games targeted at this age range. They DO learn fast, don’t they!

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