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SKECHERS Shape-ups

I have a delightful new addition to my workout routine and in my journey with my weight loss challenge. As you know, I have been managing my food intake and making smarter choices, yet along with diet – exercise must go along with it. Though not an expert in any degree, I have been going to the gym on a regular basis for over 6 months now.

Yet, I have taken my daily exercise one step further {pardon the pun} and am sporting new pairs of SKECHERS Shape-ups to get some extra toning when not at the gym!


If there is one thing to know about the SKECHERS Shape-ups product line – it’s that they tone your legs, buttocks, back and abdominal muscles just by wearing them. A friend of mine adores her pair of SKECHERS Shape-ups, saying that she has dramatically noticed the tone in her body since wearing them. Thanks to SKECHERS, I am so thrilled to have gotten a couple pairs for myself {for review} – and put them to the test.

The Shape-Up pair I wear, appropriate to this post is the SKECHERS Shape-Ups Jump Start , a white, silver and light blue colored shoe. They are hot looking!

Easy Does it

As recommended, I started wearing my SKECHERS Shape-Ups gradually, you MUST ease into them. So, don’t put them on for the first time and do a walk-a-thon! Keep in mind, I really didn’t have to ‘break them in’ or anything {they are so feet-friendly}, it’s more to get your body and muscles used to the design.

For the first several days, start with 25-45 minutes of wear and work your way up. I still recall the first day I wore my pair – I did a little grocery shopping trip and when I got home – I could really feel it in my legs. Actually, I felt like I had just done a class at the gym – but I hadn’t! Now, I wear them almost every time I leave the house. And, I love them!

How do they feel when walking?

SKECHERS Shape-ups hug the feet, and feel great. They were so comfortable right off the bat. Yet unlike other sneakers or trainers, Shape-Ups have that signature rocker sole, and those first few steps do throw you off balance. Yet, it’s all for the good – and you do get used to it!

A Story: a friend of mine is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Besides the funny banter of us discussing ying vs yang and all that jazz – he once voiced his concerns regarding how I walked {yes, I said ‘how I walked’}. Apparently, I wasn’t rolling on my feet the way a person should, heel to ball with every step.

He said that led to all sorts of posture, balance and alignment problems. He said that if I walked properly, I would also tone my core more appropriately. I took his advice to heart, but there was no way I could fix a lifetime of ‘flat-foot’ walking. It was awkward for me, I just could not do it!

When I took my first steps in my SKECHERS Shape-ups, I immediately remembered this conversation. And I noted that I was finally walking the way he recommended, and it came easily this time! I noticed a huge difference right away – I walked taller, stood straighter and used all my leg muscles as well as my core to walk.

And, I’m not sure if this is a feature of SKECHERS Shape-ups or not, but I experience less neck pain as well. Always a problem with me, neck tension was a daily occurrence which I have had for years. Yet SKECHERS Shape-ups helped me straighten my back and keep my shoulders back and down – thereby reducing the strain on my neck. Again, super impressed!

The Design of SKECHERS Shape-Ups

When used properly, SKECHERS Shape-ups are designed to tone muscles, increase calories burned and improve posture – just by going about your regular daily life.

“The goal with Shape Ups was to simulate walking on soft ground. SKECHERS has turned hard surfaces into comfortable ground through revolutionary technology designed into the framework of the shoe.

The core of this technology is in the dynamic rolling bottom, the soft foam insert under the heel, and the dual-density midsole. These three elements work together to give you the feeling of walking on sand or luxurious pile carpet – regardless of the actual surface. Walking on softer, uneven surfaces forces you to engage muscles not normally used when walking on hard ground. Not only does this strengthen your muscles, but it also increases blood flow and reduces the impact on your joints and lower back”.

SKECHERS Shape-ups aren’t just a simple ‘walking workout shoe’, as I have recently learned. There is so much I’d like to tell you about the brand, the design and the various styles. So, I am going come back with another post with more information.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Wow, thank you so much for this! I’d been sitting on the fence regarding purchasing these and you just sold me. I can relate to the flat-foot walking and am anxious to try them out for myself.

    1. I was the same way Amanda – I have always wanted to try them but not sure if it was a good purchase. Now, I can’t wait to try more styles. I just love them!!

  2. These look like lots of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve tried similar shoes and really enjoy them!! Sketchers are super cute too.

  3. I have a pair that I have worn for one year. Fabulous is the word!!

    I would like to win a new pair, may be a different color.

  4. A friend gave me one of these (actually a pair) when I had foot surgery and had to wear an air cast boot on my left foot for six weeks. When I walked with a normal shoe and the cast, the height difference made my hip ache. So, my friend suggested I try SKECHERS Shape-ups. Because of the thick sole, both feet were the same height, and I was able to walk almost normally. When my foot healed and I was able to wear a normal shoe again, I wore both SKECHERS Shape-ups, with the approval of my surgeon. They are definitely the best.

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  6. I need a good walking shoe especially after just getting home from 3 days of Disneyland. My legs and feet are sore. I need a shoe that will help me in the weight lose also.

  7. My Hubby just bought my skechers shape ups for me for my birthday, & I LOVE them already!!

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