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NutriSystem Review ~ Final Thoughts and Final Results

Here I am, ‘officially’ done after 4 months reviewing the NutriSystem program, for the last 4 months. ‘Officially done’ means that I will no longer be posting weekly updates for you. Yet, due to little trips, a vacation and such – I still have a couple of weeks of NutriSystem food left. So, my plan is to wean myself off slowly, by replacing one meal a day with my own *gasp* choices. Having NurtriSystem foods has been like a security blanket, shielding me from making poor choices and guiding my way. They are pre-packaged, portioned controlled, easy and delicious meals. And, that is everything I adore about the program. I am a little nervous about being ‘cut loose, from this security blanket of sorts. And, who wouldn’t? I got convenience and taste – delivered right to my front door. Recall my comparison post of NutriSystem Vs. Jenny Craig? I have been given a diet plan, which  fit into my lifestyle, AND I lost weight!!

If you have been to the Nutrisystem Canada website lately, you would notice that you can login to change meal selections, yet everything else is just redirected to the {US} site. I think this was a great move on NutriSystem’s part, since there are so many tools, articles and information on the .com site. I personally had always used it anyway, so I think this change will only add to the success and encouragement of Canadian’s as well.

Week 16 results: -2 lbs
Total weight loss to date: -29.5 lbs

In these last 4 months, thanks to NutriSystem, I met my first goal and lost almost 30 lbs. As you can see, it’s a healthy and realistic amount of weight to want to lose in a 4 month time frame. It is not a quick fix, by any means {I’d call it a very helpful assistant to weight loss}. I do have another weight loss goal though, to lose just another 5-10 lbs, just to reach my pre-twins weight. So, on my own, without the ‘official’ / ‘every meal’ guidance of NutriSystem – I will be continuing my weight loss challenge. I won’t be posting weekly, but I will give you an update now and then on how I am doing. After all, the support and encouragement that my readers gave me, very much helped me in my journey. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As promised, here is my ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo. The ‘before’ is taken just after the gym, baggy sweatpants, sweaty hair and all. I almost hate to post this photo, but you can literally see the discomfort and unhappiness on my ‘before’ face. As much as I debated not even posting this photo, I think it illustrates perfectly, how happy and proud that I am of myself. I changed so much, in so many ways thanks to the NutriSystem program!

In honor of meeting my goal and losing almost 30lbs – here’s the highlights of the last 4 months. They are things that made reviewing NutriSystem, a life changing experience for me:

  • my pants fell down at the gym and my friend was proud
  • I didn’t blog it, but it happened again last week, while doing jumping jacks at the gym. I need to go shopping again!
  • I will be the ‘member of the month’ at my gym for the month of June!
  • Such heartwarming compliments from others – everyone notices
  • Shopping for a hot dress for my trip to Cuba, then wearing that hot dress in Cuba
  • swinging around a 35 lb kettlebell, for fun {?}
  • Running with my kids outside, and having the running part – come easily
  • kicking butt in TRX class
  • digging out that bag of clothes I wore before I had the twins – and realizing over half of them fit me again. Woo!
  • donating 2 garbage bags full of ‘too big’ clothes

Nutrisystem is providing their program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Canada Blogging Program. All opinions regarding my experience are 100% my own.


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  1. You are a “WOW” person and I am so proud of you; wishing you continued success with lots of love

  2. Tammi – you Did FANTASTIC! you look amazing and worked so hard. I’ve donated plenty of old clothing as well, and it feels great. Keep up the good work – you can do it.

    1. Sometimes it was hard, but I wanted to reach that goal!
      Thanks for the nice compliments!

  3. Rock On Tammy! I just started month four and thus far around a 16lb mark so hoping this month will be the best yet!!!! Congrats!

    1. Thanks Shirley – best wishes for you as well, let me know how it’s going and if you ever need a supportive ear!

  4. You look great! Your right you look so much more comfortable in ur second pic. Congrats. Once I get my comp fixed I’ll post some before and after pics too. 🙂

  5. Tammi u look beautiful, but you always have, I know how hard losing weight is and now you my friend have proved that eating right, gets results. Proud to have u as a friend!!

  6. Congrats Tammi, you look amazing and I’m happy it worked for you. I tried it for two months and if anything it made me gain weight. I think the whole chocolate in the evening sent me on an out of control spiral. Once I get that taste, I cannot stop (especially with that little). I started my old diet and I already lost most of the weight I gained with Nutrisystem. I guess it’s just not one of those things that work for me and the way I diet.

  7. Nutrisystem is the easiest weight loss plan I have ever tried and I truly believe I will be able to maintain what I am learning. . More important than just losing the weight is what I gained from this experience.

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