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Dora the Explorer, It’s Haircut Day DVD

‘Doh-da!!’ my girls cried when they seen the latest Dora the Explorer DVD we got for review from Nickelodeon. They just adore their little Dora, do you have a child who loves Dora the Explorer as well? Take note, on May 3rd {tomorrow}, the new 4 episode DVD, Dora the Explorer: It’s Haircut Day, is coming out in stores. In these episodes, Dora celebrates a bunch of firsts including Boots getting his first haircut in “Dora’s Hair Raising Adventure” and the Super Baby twins celebrate their 1st birthday in “Happy Birthday, Super Babies”. The other two are: “Baby Winky Goes Home!” and “Dora’s Pegaso Adventure”.

Ironically, this DVD came on a day when my girls were going for a haircut {seriously}. It wasn’t their first cut, yet the arrival of this DVD and the excitement of going to get their hair cut made for a fun-filled day. My girls have never had an issue getting their haircut, they love a day of pampering just as much as their mama. Yet I could see this episode being of help, if you have to drag your child to get their hair cut. It’s always helpful to have some backup to help with the anxiety, especially if it’s some reassurance from a character they look up to! I am also happy to see the episode in which the Super Twins celebrate their 1st birthday. For obvious reasons, my twins are memorized by other twins and this is the perfect episode for them.

The list price for Dora the Explorer: It’s Haircut Day is $16.99, but you can also get it
on Amazon for $13.99.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. i think my daughter would love the Happy Birthday, Super Babies episode

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    angela m

  3. I think my toddler would love the Happy Birthday episode, as it’s her current favorite song – and I mean FAVORITE. We have to sing Happy birthday to several people while rocking before bedtime – no lullabies for my kid – just Happy Birthday 😉

  4. I think my lil one would benefit most from seeing Dora’s Hair Raising Adventure.
    She just turned 3 and I have not had her haircut yet because I’m afraid if I cut it she will lose all her curls 🙁 but I’ve decided it’s time for a trim so maybe both of us will benefit from this

  5. I think my son would love the Happy Birthday Super Babies episode – he LOVES birthdays!! 🙂

  6. Im pretty sure this one would be the new favorite replacing the happy birthday one

  7. my girls have been bugging me for this DVD. They both love the Super Babies so I think that would be their fav episode

  8. My daughter would love them all as she is Dora-obsessed. She might like the Pegaso episode best though.

  9. I think my grandson would like Boots getting his first haircut. He has a dancing Boots that he really likes playing with so I think this episode would make him laugh.

  10. The Hair Raising Adventure would probably be their favorite because they would like seeing Boots getting his hair cut.

  11. I think she would like Dora’s Hair Raising Adventure episode the best.

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  12. My niece would like the “Happy Birthday, Super Babies” episode

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  13. I follow your blog publicly with Google Friend Connect as ReggieMann

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  14. This looks like a cute Dora movie. We love the Happy Birthday song, too. Thanks for having the contest!

  15. Ohh haircuts. My boys absolutely freakout for their haircuts. I mean tears, snot, peeing. It is awful. I feel so bad for them. So, I think they would like the episode where Boots gets his first hair cut.

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