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Crafts and Activities for Kids by Gummy Lump

My daughter, the craftaholic {that’s a term, right?} enjoys creating anything. She has the ability to take scraps of nothing and turn it into a masterpiece. Myself? Though I’m a relatively crafty person, there are times when I don’t have time to sit down and create something with her {gasp!}. So, for those times when you need a great craft that kids can do on their own, or for those parents that are crafty-challenged – Gummy Lump is for you!

Gummy Lump is a go-to online shop when looking for toys, games and Crafts and Activities for Kids – ones that encourage creativity, inspiration and fun. Their crafts are geared toward preschool kids, but contain modifications for children with special needs, and option to make them more challenging for older children too. In my Holiday Gift Guide 2011 I had hosted a review and giveaway for the Melissa and Doug Train Table from Gummy Lump. Now, I had the chance to get to know another side to their vast selection – the crafting and art supplies!

For review, I chose a number of items that I thought my daughter would enjoy, for her age, interest and ones that would allow her to express her own personality. These are the items I chose, along with my take – with the help of my daughters’ evaluation.

Little Hands – Kids Paper Weaving Craft Set by Alex

Little hands will weave paper into four fantastic drawings while their little minds get sharp, learning hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity and creativity! Kids refer to the easy picture instructions and weave with paper to complete the drawings; so simple! The Little Hands Paper Weaving Kit by Alex comes with lots of multicolored paper strips so kids can choose their materials. What will they finish first- a giraffe, a cow or a cityscape? Ages 3 +.

~ This is something that Isabelle likes doing on her own, or with her younger twins sisters. She loves the colorful paper, which I may add – is very durable and think paper. This is one craft that I can see lasting the longest, since it’s a do and do-over kind of craft.

Decorate Your Own Jewelry Box Wooden Craft Kit for Kids by Melissa and Doug

Create a charming keepsake box with this incredibly colorful craft kit! Comes with fun; decorative accessories like jewels; stickers; glitter glue; and more! Sure to be treasured for years to come! Great for party favors and activities or just a rainy day!
Educational Value
: Great for fostering creativity and allowing children to be proud of their unique creative abilities. {ages 6+}

~ Perfect for my princess, Isabelle was thrilled to see this jewelry box. I like that it comes painted and kids just have to add their own embellishments, stickers and glitter. She loves having a place to store all her ‘pretties’ and keeps adding stickers to the box all the time. Plus, it matches her decor so I think this has something to do with the appeal.

Decorate-Your-Own Petite Purse by Melissa and Doug

This easy-open, hinged ceramic purse, embellished with flowers, comes with everything you needed to add your own finishing touches.
Educational Value: Great for party favors, party activities. Allows children to express themselves creatively. {ages 8+}

~ This was the first time my daughter has worked with painting ceramics before, so she liked having a finished piece on which to paint. She remarked how smooth and soft it was too. This is an adorable purse that she carries around everywhere, yet it’s also hidden from her sisters all the time, as she knows it has the chance of breaking if dropped. Again, I like all the extras to decorate it – and how sturdy the closure is!

Decorate Your Own Vanity Set Wooden Craft Kit for Kids by Melissa and Doug

Developing your creative side is fun with our fabulous craft kits! This set includes two wooden combs; storage drawer; shiny gems and more! Great for rainy days and party activities.
Educational Value: Great for fostering creativity and allowing children to be proud of their unique creative abilities. {age 5+}

~ My daughter loved this one the most, mainly becasue she didn’t have a mirror in her room, and loved that she could sit at her desk and do her hair. The colors couldn’t have been more perfect, and she spent a lot of time making sure all the embellishments were in the perfect position. Funny how a simple craft like this made her so happy! The little drawer holds her rings and jewelery, and the mirror swivels so that she doesn’t have to duck to look into it. Made of wood, this is one solid and quality item!

Make Giant Paper Flowers by Alex

Make huge bouquets to decorate your room in all colors of the rainbow! Each kit comes with lots of bright colors of tissue paper in three patterns; 30 pipe cleaners in a variety of colors and easy instructions. Packaged in a lovely carrying bag. Making paper flowers is as easy as 1-2-3!
Educational Value: Uses fine motor skills, teaches children a new craft, lets them use their creativity. {age 5+}

~ This set comes with so many colorful papers, I could not believe it. My daughter is able to fold the papers herself and make colorful and unique flowers each and every time. She adores this project, even making bouquets for a dinner party on night. And, when she had a friend over to play, this is one set she brought out for them to play with. One set could suffice multiple kids, and even be a great birthday party activity. Sure, I can do the same with tissues {as I did when I was young}, yet this more colorful, less likely to rip and just plain fun. Highly recommended by both mom and child!

ALL of these craft supplies from Gummy Lump have a retail value of approx. $50 – many of them are on sale right now too. As you can see, they provided countless hours of fun for my daughter, and was a nice change from the usual crafts we do at home with odds and ends. Great for gifts, party favors, rainy days, busy days or for sleep over activities.

Take note of the “300 Crafts for Kids Project“. Crafts are posted on this blog and photos of completed projects can be posted on the Gummy Lump Facebook page, to be automatically entered into a weekly giveaway. Also, if you Like Gummy Lump on Facebook, you’ll get a special coupon too! {If you already Like them, just click on the Welcome tab}.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I’d get the decorate your own wooden race cars, the paper plate bug sets and the make your own jewelry kit.

  2. I know my first choice would be the Decorate Your Own Heart Chest Wooden Craft Kit for Kids. We love hearts.

  3. We love the Decorate Your Own Sun Catcher Bottles! Actually, we love several of the craft kits available, but that’s our favorite! Thanks!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  4. I’d get the Replacement Paper Roll for Melissa and Doug Standing Floor Easel, the Alphabet Stamp Set by Melissa and Doug and then let my kids each pick something.

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