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The Twilight Saga Soundtracks: Volume 1 {DVD & Blu-Ray}

Here’s a tidbit about me: I am a *huge* Twilight fan. Not only did I read all 4 books in 4 days while caring for newborn twins {I don’t think I slept for a week straight, I was so hooked}, and I’ve seen each of the movies that were released, a ‘few’ times.

I’m usually not one to ‘be all over’ a series, yet this story just captured my attention in a huge way. So, when I was given the opportunity to review
The Twilight Saga Soundtracks: Volume 1 DVD, I immediately and unequivocally said ‘yes’.

This unprecedented release features a collection of music videos and live performances from bands featured on the chart topping soundtracks from The Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. Connect with the artists as they perform the songs that channel the emotions of Twilight fans through music. Enjoy never-been-seen original music videos and live performances all on one release.

The Music Videos and Performances from The Twilight Saga Soundtracks, Vol. 1  offers twenty-two music videos and performances of the artists who contributed music to the first three Twilight Saga movies, over 10 minutes of running time!

Bands include:
Muse, Parmore, Death Cab for Cutie, Cee Lo Green, Anya Marina, Mutemath, Lupe Fiasco, Editors, The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam, Collective Soul, Eastern Conference Champions, O.A.R., Metric, Fanfarlo, Iron & Wine, Sia, Bon Iver & St. Vincent, Sea Wolf, The Black Ghosts, Hurricane Bells

As we wait not-so patiently for the Part 1 of Breaking Dawn this November, this is a great set to tie Twilight fans over. Also available on Blu-ray, these performances are great, and you’ll be taken back to the first time Twilight caught your attention. I have my favorites, most are from the Twilight movie. That first collection was the best, so I especially liked these performances on the DVD and Blu-ray.

The Twilight Saga Soundtracks: Volume 1 DVD ($22.99) and Blu-ray ($17.47) are available to purchase on, both of which I received for review.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I love books that you get into so much you just can’t put them down; and the Twilight books were definitely like that!

  2. I wasnt sure I was going to get into the whole Twilight Saga..Now I cant get enough. I havent read all the books but I did read the last book of the series. I am addicted. Its so much of a romance story rather than the battles. The music that goes along with the Saga is amazing. The songs fit so well

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  4. A friend of mine tried to get me to read the books, but she mentioned vampire & it turned me off (I think that stuff is just stupid) anyway when the movie went to our local $1 theater, I decided to check it out – well I was hooked! I came home, stayed up all night reading the 1st book she had sent me 6 mos prior. The next day I bought New Moon at the used book store, then “ack”! I can’t get the next 2! I found them cheaper w/no shipping on Amazon, but that left me 2days to wait!! So I re-read Twilight & watched the movie again – New Moon still made me cry too much so I didn’t read it again yet. The books came, I read them both, so I read the series, saw Twilight twice, all within about a week. I cannot tell you how many times I have read the books or seen the movies. I have been to Forks twice (I live in FL) and hope to go again this fall for Stephenie Meyer Day – Bella’s Birthday. I love the way the story takes 2 people who each thinks they are unlovable and out of step with life, then lets them fall in love & see themselves through the eyes of the other. Bella’s growth is incredible as she realizes her strength & beauty – which were really always there. I love the whole story, it is my alternative life! My adult kids think I am crazy, as do my sibs, but I don’t care – I have found a place I fit in!

  5. These books sucked me in from the beginning. I love that it pulls me into such a different world and I get to escape my reality for a little while. The movies I don’t really enjoy (although Eclipse was the better of the 3) but I really enjoy the soundtracks. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  6. i have always loved sci fi/paranormal books movies etc, and monster movies as well, this kinda fits all of those and a little romance thrown in dosent hurt, one of the best things about twilight is my daughter loves it so we can enjoy it together , (she is a teenager) i love the wolves the best !
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  9. I loved the books and how they captured me and I literally couldn’t stop reading them until I was done the set. I was sad when I was finished.

  10. I SO hope this is for Canada, could not find a country rule – so entering anyway – I LOVE Twighlight 🙂 I loved the books most of all, I have read them all many times LOL, it is just a beautiful love story, and very sweet – something we need more of really. It makes me feel “good” what more can I say. I like the movies to but not nearly as much as the books, which become movies in my head and are hard to beat 🙂

  11. Why do I love Twilight? RPattz maybe? honestly I have no idea how I fell in love with it. I watched the movies after saying I never would, and I watched all of them in one weekend. Maybe I love the idea of a man only falling in love with one woman after 100+ yrs and being willing to die and kill for her.

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  12. I love the books. hey get so much entertaining as you read, I cant put the book down until I have read the whole book

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  14. I will be honest with you. I am only, just now, starting the 1st book in audio book format. I don’t get much time to read, so I figure multi tasking is the only way to get it done. But I still would like this collection!

  15. I love EVERYTHING about Twilight-I’ve read each book at LEAST 3, if not 4 times. I do like the movies, but my heart will always be with the books 🙂

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  16. I love twilight!! I have read the books multiple times and have watched the movies countless times as well!! I can’t wait for part one of breaking dawn this November!! I’m sure my friends and I will be lined up to watch it a couple of times 🙂

  17. Umm…eye candy?! I love the visual treats of the films. Haven’t read the books, but the music is great too! Thanks!
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  18. Yay Twilight!! I have to say my fave thing about Twilight is Edward!!! No matter if its the book or the movies or the ap game I played lol

  19. When I cant fall asleep I like to On-Demand a Twilight movie. Its a great sleep aid.
    I kept thinking during the second movie when Kristen Stewart spent six months sitting in front of a window that she needed to get a job.

    Unfortunetly I had to watch all the movies with my wife. ungh

  20. I love the love story with Bella & Edward! Plus the fact that they have so much strength.

  21. I love absolutely everything about the Twilight series!!! The whole story is awesome!!!

  22. I love everything about Twilight! books, movies – I even have a t-shirt! I can’t wait to see the next movie, but it’ll make me sad that it’s almost over.
    thanks for the giveaway by the way, found you on a friends’ suggestion. New fan of your blog, we have the same interests!

  23. I just liked how different and fresh the story lines were…there was nothing out like it at the time.

  24. I love the books. I love the way Stephanie Meyer writes. She seriously could write a love story about sponges and it would be interesting.

  25. i am a huge fan of the books the most.but i also really like the movies

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  27. I like the vampire theme. I like the werewolves–and the graphics interpretation of them in the movie. I like the scenery. I like some of the plot angles. I like Bella. These are a few of my favorite things…(to borrow a phrase). [When the (werewolf) bites…just kidding.]

  28. I love how everyone can connect to the books because Bella finds herself in situations that can be related to regular life issues that happen between parents, friends and love interests.

  29. I love EVERYTHING about horror movies, so there’s a lot to love about Twilight. I like the fact that they brought in some werewolves to join the fun.

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