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Nickelodeon Home Entertainment

Nickelodeon Home Entertainment has released 2 new DVD’s and I think your preschoolers would be interested! Each for a suggested retail price of $16.99, either or both would also make an excellent Easter gift as well.
Diego travels the globe rescuing animals in Go, Diego, Go!: Diego Saves The World, a six episode compilation DVD. Throughout his adventures, he receives help from his sister Alicia, animal pals, Rescue Pack Click the Camera (voiced by Rosie Perez) and the viewers at home. This title is created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.

Go, Diego, Go!: Diego Saves The World Episode Synopses:

  • Diego the Hero
  • Cotton-top Tamarin Cave Rescue
  • Bengal Tiger Makes a Wish
  • Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale
  • Jorge the Little Hawk Learns to Migrate
  • Egyptian Camel Adventure

Some days I think the twins talk more about Diego than Dora, which was such a surprise to me at first. Yet this DVD is a perfect example of why they like Go Diego Go so much – the animals! It’s great for teaching kids about various animals {especially the ones that you’d never find at home}, and a lot about compassion and the Spanish language.


Max & Ruby: Rainy Day Play is created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment. Nickelodeon’s Max and Ruby is a top-rated animated series based on the children’s books by Rosemary Wells. Each episode on this DVD centers on bunny siblings Max, a determined three-year-old and his big sister, Ruby, a smart, goal-oriented seven-year-old. The show offers an empowering message for children by showing Max and Ruby playing together and resolving their differences in ways that are respectful and supportive.

With 4 episodes and 3 stories per episode, you can watch Max and Ruby play for hours!

  • Ruby Writes a Story, Max’s Dominos, Grandma’s Attic
  • Bunny Cakes, Bunny Party, Bunny Money
  • Ruby’s Safari, Max’s Mud Bath, Max’s Lost Lizard
  • Ruby’s Rainbow, Home Tweet Home, Max’s Mudpie

If my little Miss Katie had her choice, she’d watch Max & Ruby all day long. It’s the first show that comes to her mind when asked if she’d like to watch a ‘toon’. Lucky for her, her sisters never argue for a different show. We have many Max & Ruby DVD’s in our collection, and this is a welcome addition. If April is full of showers, we have this Rainy Day Play to keep the kids entertained for short intervals. Always nice, right parents?


For the older kids in your family, another great release is Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume One. My oldest daughter, a huge fan of this genre of shows is just starting her interest in Big Time Rush. Though she’s not a full-fledged ‘poster-on-the-wall fan yet, I’m pretty sure that’ll come in due time. She’s currently a fan of Zack and Cody, so I’m waiting for the day when she starts talking about this series.

From hockey to Hollywood, join Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan as they begin their journey to stardom! Hangin’ poolside at their apartment complex, The Palm Woods, chilling with the ladies (or at least trying to get their attention!) and working hard day in and day out-singing, dancing, making music videos and more. These guys are learnin’ about the dedication, determination, and friendships they need to make it big time!

Myself? I’m not familiar at all aside form the commercials. I just had to take notice since they were playing Hockey. Hey, I was once a tween myself – although we didn’t use the term ‘tween’. In any case, the music in this show is catchy, so it’ll appeal to those who like some popular music in their viewing as well.
Big Time Rush: Season One, Volume One also has some special features worth checking out: “Big Time Break” with trivia option Photo Flipbook & Music Videos. This one is in stores now!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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