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I have talked before about not being able to find sippy cups, yet one of my biggest gripes as a parent is leaky sippy cups. It infuriates me to see the ‘leak proof’ badge on a package to only find that it leaked right from day 1. And, I know I am not alone with this peeve – friends and I have had this conversation on too many occasions.

In my quest, I am happy to say that I indeed found the perfect sippy cup for us, and it’s made by Playtex Baby. A friend gave me a bag full of her sons’ old cups, and all but the Playtex cups soon hit the garbage. Even years later after his use, these cups still didn’t leak. And yes, this makes me {and my carpets} one very happy Mommy!

Playtex BabyI was recently offered the chance to review some new baby and toddler products from Playtex and I jumped at the chance. New reliable cups from Playtex? Yes, thank you! The new Playtex Infant Li’l Gripper Straw Train Cup, has easy grip handles for little hands, and a squeezable base that allows Mom to push the beverage up the straw if needed. So, it’s a great starter cup to strengthen those motor skills when first introducing a straw, from age four months and up. It also has that Twist ‘n Click lid that I have come to know and love, signature to Playtex Baby cups. The top of this cup closes, so that there is no leaks from the straw. My twins love this, and always close their ‘lid’, another smile for Mom!

Another favorite is the Playtex First Sipster Trainer Cup, and this is exactly the cup I was bragging about above. The handles are attached right to the lid, and is great for small ones that need a bigger handle to hold onto. Yet, my twins are 2.5 and still use this cup. They are more than able to hold a cup without handles, but it’s the compact design and the leak-proof, spill-proof feature that impresses me.

Though my babies are technically babies anymore, I can also speak highly of some of the other products I received from Playtex. With my oldest and my twins, I used the Drop Ins System, preferring the high quality that didn’t leak and cause an explosion {I seem to recall another brand of liners which always ‘exploded’ when I tried to push out the air. grrr}. I also got the Playtex Ortho-Pro pacifier, Playtex Ortho-Pro pacifier with sterilizing cover and the Playtex Binky Silicone pacifier. My twins are too old now for pacifiers {we call them suckies in this house}. Yet, my twins did use the Playtex pacifiers, they just preferred the shape {and I liked the designs!}. And the new Ortho-Pro with sterilizing cover is a convenient item that makes using and cleaning so convenient. You add water to the cover, microwave to boil – and it’s sterilized, killing 99.9% of the bacteria. This allows for easy cleaning even when at the mall. Oh, I remember the days when the twins would throw their suckies onto filthy floors – I would cringe! So, I’m passing these ones onto a friend that just had a new baby. They are items that all new Mom’s appreciate getting as gifts.

All of the products I received from Playtex are, of course, BPA and Pthalate free. Whether you have a new baby to toddler, Playtex products has so many designs and styles – and products for all ages. I used Playtex when my girls were newborns, and years later it’s still a brand you will find around my house.

Playtex has a new site called Mommyville, and it’s full of advice, articles, tools, and even lists of mommy events! Check out the Mommyville site and follow along on facebook: You may want to pass these sites onto new Mom’s too, every new parent appreciates extra resources when it comes to parenting.


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the Playtex First Sipster Trainer Cups! Had them for my first two kids, and planning on getting them for my third – so winning one would be great! 😉

  2. one of my favorite products is the Playtex® Diaper Genie II Elite

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  4. I loved the Playtex Drop-Ins with Little Man and will stock up with #2 in case I fail at breast feeding again.

  5. I like the PLAYTEX® FRIDGE-TO-GO® TOTE. What a great idea for when you are on the go.

  6. I think the Playtex Disney Toy Story Plate would make a great gift for a little someone I know!

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  7. I like to try the Playtex® Fridge-to-Go® Tote

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    Thank you for the chance to enter!

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  10. I really like the Playtex Lil’ Gripper® Cups. My son has just started using them and they’re awesome.

  11. My little guy would definitely love to try anything from Playtex’s Toy Story line of dishes!
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  12. Playtexâ„¢ Mealtime Plates with the colorful butterflies is what I’d love to gift; so vibrant.


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  15. I’d like to try out the Playtex® Disney® Toy Story® Insulator® Spout Cup

  16. I wold like to give the Playtex® Diaper Genie II Elite™ Advanced as a gift


  17. My fave playtex product is their baby spoons. Other companies make their spoons too giant for little babes mouths

  18. Love the Playtex Ortho-Pro pacifier with sterilizing cover, what a great idea!!!

  19. I like the Playtex Disney Toy Story Plate because it divides it into sections for them.

  20. I love the drop in’s as well and we would love to try the Lil’ Gripperâ„¢ Straw Trainer Cup!

  21. My favorite product for my girls has been the Playtex® The First Sipster® Trainer Cup. They love it.

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