Asking a favor from my readers…

I’m not one to send out constant facebook messages or newsletters asking for votes {I know, it can get annoying}…but, for once I really do need your help.

I wrote a post a while back, Mom Bloggers Make A Difference, as an entry for myself in the Ddrops Bliss Contest. The winning 4 bloggers get an entry ticket into the BlissDomCanada 2011 conference. And, I’m sure you all know I went last year and had a blast. So it’s no surprise that I want to go again this year.

Sooo….can I ask you to please vote for me?

All you have to do, and it’s so easy, I promise:

  • Go to the voting post at the Ddrops blog
  • Leave a comment to that post simply saying,
    ‘I vote for My Organized Chaos’

That’s it!

I would really appreciate the votes from my readers
Big, puppy-dog {please, please} smile!?!



  1. Just voted! I totally understand. I did the same thing to win a Trash the dress photo session. I really, really, really want to win it so I sent a personal message to each of my Friends on Facebook. Now all that’s left to do is wait to see if we win! 🙂

    1. Thanks Melanie!
      Is it too late to vote for you?
      If not, send me the link, I’ll return the favor
      {and good luck!}

    1. Thanks Angela!!
      I’m hoping, but I wish everyone could win – there’s great entries for this contest!

    1. Thanks Louise!
      I voted for your sandwich in the Hillshire Farms contest. When is voting over? And, good luck to you as well!!

  2. I’m trying to vote and I keep getting an error message saying I need to have javascript and cookies enabled. Well, I have both. Not sure what to do!! I want to vote for you!!!

    1. Hi Mimi,
      Ddrops said that your comment did go through, and it is valid – they also get email notification. So it is counted.
      Personally, I hope it does – so many have said they get that error page….

      1. I know… I have been trying to comment myself, thanking people there for the votes – and not one of my comments have gone through. Yet, I see others having no problem {?}
        Would be nice to see all the actual votes…frustrating….

  3. I got the error message when I was using IE. It went thru fine when I switch to Firefox. Mostly I hate IE and use FF, but Twitter is being weird on FF so I’m using IE for tweeting and used it to try to vote from your tweet.

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